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It’s engagement ring rule #1: Keep it shiny! That means taking care of your ring the right way – removing it for chores  like the dishes & cleaning with harsh chemicals, removing it for summer fun and taking it off for your skincare routine (creams lotions and potions will fog up your diamond and act like a dirt magnet to make it look even duller.) Of course, whenever you take off your most precious bauble, you’ll want to keep it somewhere safe. We don’t need to tell you the inherent dangers of removing your ring close to a sink (where, duh, you’d be doing dishes.) So it’s important to have a safe place to stash your ring when you aren’t wearing it and don’t want to put it away in your jewelry box. Luckily, there are the absolute cutest engagement ring holders for your o choose from! Even better, these ring holders make fantastic engagement gifts. If someone you love just got engaged, check out these options to purchase or DIY so that she can keep her new bling shiny for the duration of the wedding countdown!

How adorable is this easy to DIY picture frame engagement ring holder? You can easily find a small, glamorous frame at a discount store like Marshall’s or HomeGoods (or Target) and add some padding to the center. Cover with a coordinating fabric, stick a pin in it and voila! You have an easy and inexpensive ring holder.

Kate Spade has a few options for sweet, girly keepsake ring holders that are more expensive, but still very budget-friendly, and will be something you’ll treasure forever.

Of course, Etsy is a treasure trove of adorable ring dishes. We love the carved and engraved look of this one:

How perfect for the bride who loves her Victorian style engagement ring?

This little number comes from Etsy shop “With This Dish” and there are amazing options to choose from – we’re partial to this one (it has a diamond on it, obviously) and “love” it customized in the wedding colors.

And for the bride whose motto is “monogram everything that’s not moving” you can’t go wrong with those pretty new initials!

And no knick-knack list is complete without ultimate gift-stop Anthropologie. From the Eiffel tower to a gold giraffe and even an umbrella, these ring holders are adorable options.

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