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I Don't: Colored Wedding Dresses

I Don't: Colored Wedding Dresses

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We share why colored wedding dresses are an I DON’T in our series: I Do/ I Don’t, where we split the pros and cons between the hottest wedding trends.

Readers, you know we love a bride who isn’t afraid to step outside the typical box! Whether you want to surprise your guests with a unique wedding dessert idea, you opted for your favorite gemstone engagement ring instead of a diamond, or you decided to propose to your bridesmaids in a new way – we love coloring outside the wedding lines! But there’s one area we don’t want you to color in: your wedding dress.

When Vera Wang sent black and burgundy wedding dresses down the runway two years ago, we fawned over them. And when Oscar de La Renta added crimson to his show at Bridal Week 2013, it was stunning. But these designers, who design season after season of jaw-dropping wedding gowns, get to play with color. They get to add fun trends to their numerous wedding dresses. You only get one wedding dress.

We’re not talking about a second dress, or reception dress, or -heaven forbid- a multi-dress fiasco after you’ve bought one and changed your mind close tot eh wedding (it happens). We’re talking about The One. The dress you’ll walk down the aisle in, and say I Do to your handsome groom in. Your Wedding Dress. And nothing says Wedding Dress like soft white fabric.

It mustn’t be snow white, or diamond white, or chalk white. Ivory and warm whites evoke just as much bride-ness as brighter whites. And the softer tone of those colors flatter fair complexions, so freckled brides fret not. You can add lace, beading, sequins, a sash, whatever your heart desires to dress up a white wedding gown. And a modern silhouette could show off your contemporary style better than, say a red wedding dress. A rocking peplum wedding dress or spangled bolero will show off your fashion sense without sacrificing the vision in white.

If you simply must inject some color into your bridal wardrobe, think about the sash and second dress we mentioned earlier. A beautiful silk ribbon in your wedding color adds a pop to your gown. A stunning second wedding dress for dancing can be your favorite color or coordinate with your wedding palette, if your budget allows for another show-stopper. Another idea we love is to have brightly colored wedding shoes. A small hint of color peeking out from under your gown as you walk down the aisle is sweet, stylish, and still very bridal.

A colored dress can be gorgeous, and o0bviously has its place: like galas, black tie weddings, and formal social functions you’ll attend over time. Your wedding day is the one day you can wear a gorgeous white wedding gown.


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