Colored Birthstone Engagement Rings

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Birthstone engagement rings rarely enter the spotlight: the sentiment is generally executed through gifting the more traditional diamond engagement rings.

While this traditional idea is romantic and beautiful, it’s much more personalized to give the love of your life a token that relates only to them: one with a feature of their personal birth stone.

Many birthstone engagement rings have specific and special meanings. Sapphire gemstones are rich in symbolism. The blue color signifies friendship, harmony and loyalty. The stone itself represents reliability and steadfastness, as well as sincerity and faithfulness. Imagine telling your love all of this accompanying her ring and how moved and sentimental she’ll feel.

 Perhaps a ruby gemstone, the official birthstone of July, is a wise choice for your love’s engagement ring. Rubies symbolize love, integrity, devotion, happiness, courage, and vitality. The color is closely associated with fire and love.

“Perhaps the most famous ruby engagement ring in modern times is the ring Prince Andrew gave to Fergie, Duchess of York. This made rubies more popular than ever in wedding rings.”

The royal family, in fact, are huge advocates of the colored gemstone engagement rings in general. Prince Edward also gave his mother’s sapphire engagement ring to Kate Middleton upon proposal.

Birthstone engagement rings are gaining mainstream popularity in the media and amongst the recently engaged. This concept is more personalized and creative, and in many cases more cost effective than high carat diamonds.

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