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I Don't: Beyond Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

I Don't: Beyond Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

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We share why the wedding dessert table is an I DON’T in our series: I Do/ I Don’t, where we split the pros and cons between the hottest wedding trends.

This I Don’t doesn’t really come from a place of animosity. In fact, we think wedding dessert tables are a beautiful (and yummy) asset to any wedding. Decor that doubles as delicious? We’re in.

But at a certain point, wedding trends hit critical mass. When an image or idea has made its rounds on our favorite wedding blogs, Pinterest, Bride Style, and bridal shows galore, our mental wheels start spinning – what’s the next big trend? What are unique wedding ideas that haven’t been done yet?

And when it comes to alternatives to a traditional wedding cake – or Viennese table, or sweets table, candy buffet or dessert table – there are plenty more out of the box options.

Gelato Tasting

Did you get engaged in Tuscany? Meet during a semester abroad in Roma? Do you share a love of Italian cuisine? Heck, do you like garlic bread? Any of the above are fabulous excuses to serve gelato as your wedding dessert.

Bring in the Pros

Namely, Donut Divas. We’ve had the pleasure of tasting DD’s ridiculously delicious food at some South Florida bridal shows (and they’re always one of the first vendors we look for!) Donut Divas can and will dream up your wildest dessert desires – not just doughnuts – and make plenty for your guests. Imagine your guests’ surprise when dessert is served from their adorable cart? Bonus: you can smell Donut Divas’ creations from a mile away – and that is a very, very good thing.

Let them Eat Pie

If you’d still like one more seated course, have your venue come up with some creative pie flavors! Because they’ll need to make several pies anyways, you can select two or three of your favorite flavors, and let your guests choose tableside, which is always a nice touch. Plus, those who overindulged in those amazing smashed herbed potatoes can choose something light, like a key lime, instead of your sinful peanut butter mudslide pie.

Skip It

Not into sweets? Cut a small cake for ceremony’s sake, and then break out your favorite late night snacks. Soft preztels, mini hot dogs, baby burritos, nacho bar, pizza bites – let your munchies steal the show and satisfy your guests’ late night cravings (and put a dent in their open bar consumption while you’re at it!)


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