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I Do: The Wedding Dessert Table

I Do: The Wedding Dessert Table

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We share why a wedding dessert table is an I DO in our series: I Do/ I Don’t, where we split the pros and cons between the hottest wedding trends.

In my opinion, the highlight of the wedding reception is the open bar (whatever you do—this is a must-have on the wedding circuit that we may never debate…). An incredibly important aspect, though, is the wedding cake. Today, it’s increasingly popular to provide guests with more than just simple wedding cake by setting up a dessert.

In today’s I DO/I Don’t Series, I’m for the dessert table!

In the event that you’re having a large wedding, this is a particularly good idea. Providing a lot of guests with more options than traditional wedding cake will truly show your party how much you care about everyone’s varying tastes. This provides an array of options and can even allow you to choose a specialized wedding cake flavor—like key lime, chocolate, or even red velvet cake. If the guests don’t like the option, they can choose something else on the dessert table!

For smaller gatherings, this allows you the ability to display some creativity. It’s increasingly popular to provide an array of desserts at a wedding reception: cupcakes, pies, cake-pops, brownies, candy and varying types of cookies are all popular selections for the dessert table. If there is a local bakery that you enjoy or a family member is looking to contribute some sweet treats to your occasion, this is a great way to add some flair to your reception.

Brides and grooms are straying away from sit-down, plated dinners at their wedding reception. While this saves on the cost of catering and service, a dessert table is a great addition to a passed-appetizer type of reception. Since guests are already indulging in appetizers and various finger-foods, it’s nice to allow them to continue this throughout dessert, too. If you’re not superstitious about the wedding cake traditions, it’s not unheard of to nix it altogether from the affair. Instead, you could provide tuxedo strawberries, macaroons and other delicious, gourmet treats.

If you’re having a themed or seasonal wedding, it’s great to incorporate a special themed dessert bar. Some couples are even providing various, fun snack tables.

Check out this idea below: a donut dessert table. Organizers provided glazed donuts with various sauces and sprinklings, as well as a tower of already decorated donuts!

Some couples even provide general-store style candy tables, popcorn bars (with shakers full of powdered seasonings) and specialty beverage tables!

A dessert table is a great, relatively inexpensive inclusion to your splendid affair. Not only is it creative and versatile, but your guests will truly enjoy the array of sweet treats to choose from. You could even set up small parchment-lined bakery bags on the side for guests to take home a sweet memory of the day!


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