Top 10 Tips for Jewelry Care

A great piece of jewelry can stay in a family for generations. Some might keep it as a family heirloom but others might be interested in preserving it as a long-term investment. If you are an avid jewelry fan or collector, you’ll want to follow some best practices to ensure that your valuables stay that way for years to come. Here are 10 tips on how to keep your jewelry in top shape.

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Tips for Identifying Watch Brands With The Highest Resale Value

Watches can be a lucrative part of the jewelry and valuables resale market. Jewelry sellers who are knowledgeable about which brands tend to maintain their value over time have an advantage over the general public and less informed buyers.

Patek Annual Calendar

There are any number of reasons why someone might be looking to unload one or more watches to a watch reseller. Some customers just collect watches but not to make a profit, they just enjoy a specific brand. They may sell their older watches to make room for new ones. Others might receive a few watches as part of an estate inheritance and they’re just looking for a quick turnaround.

Regardless of the reason, watch resellers in Boca Raton would do well to keep in mind the following brands that tend to have the largest after market value. If you are able to quickly spot a Rolex in Boca Raton or another luxury brand that is selling at dramatically lower than its after market price, you could stand to make yourself a quick windfall.

It’s “Premium” for a Reason

The brands with the highest after market value are the ones with the highest continued demand. Many luxury names tend to come to mind here.

Rolex watches are perhaps the best known luxury brand in the world. They made up more than 20 percent of all searches for watches in 2012, according to Google. It is by far the most popular watch name brand in the world. This demand creates a higher after market price and that’s great, but it’s a double edged sword because some members of the public might think their Rolex is worth more than it is really is just because of the name. It might be difficult to get a good deal on these, a number of people don’t care if it’s used or new, they just want it because it is a premium brand. Also keep in mind that Rolex is one of the most often counterfeited brands, so make sure you get any potential purchase appraised when possible or learn how to spot fakes. The idea is to find a seller who is willing to let it go for a lower than average price and then turn around and sell it at close to full value to someone who is infatuated with the brand name.

Other premium brands that can command near their original retail price if in excellent condition include Breguet, Jaeger LeCoultre and Patek.

Other influences

One area to keep an eye out for would be any watches that appear to be vintage. Many sellers looking for a quick turnaround will not have done any research in this area and might not even know that a watch is considered to be vintage. A true vintage watch could in fact be worth thousands of dollars more than its original retail value. Think of it like finding a rare baseball card.

Another major influence on the final after market price of a premium watch is whether or not the watch was part of a limited edition run. Most sellers will only be able to identify a watch as a “Rolex” or other premium brand. But an astute jewelry reseller should be able to tell if the watch was part of a limed edition run or collector’s edition, etc. Rolex makes a ton of new watches every year, but only a few limited edition runs are approved. If you know that a watch you are looking at is one of only 1,000 ever made, that is going to significantly increase its value. The key is to hide your excitement from the seller when you go to make the transaction.

Some watches might be worth a lot of money, not because the brand is a premium one, but because the company itself has a cult following. Think of Apple’s computers, for example. They market a lifestyle, not just a computer, and plenty of people eat it up. A good example would be a brand like Omega. It’s nowhere near as premium as Rolex but it still is the second most searched watch term, according to Google. It gets more hits than fancier brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre and Cartier. Omega fans are extremely loyal and you might be able to get a better resale value out of watch simply because of this cult following.

Be careful when purchasing women’s watches for resale. As the market tends to be a bit more flooded, the price of some women’s watches tends to drop faster than the price of a similar men’s watch from the same brand. Why? A popular reason often brought up is that no man wants to get caught buying his wife a used piece of jewelry or watch, but that same man might not have a problem with the “used” label when buying it himself.

Mid-range Deals

To put that another way, a watch’s resale value in the after market is worth what someone is willing to pay. It doesn’t matter if a watch is a premium brand if there are no current buyers for it.

This is one of the reasons that more mid range brands like Timex generally only resale for a fraction of their original retail price. Mid range watches are a dime a dozen at times, and are generally looked down upon compared to the premium brands. Timex doesn’t have the same ring to it as Rolex, in other words. The lower prestige and demand causes a lower after market price. Most profitable resellers, whether in Boca Raton or elsewhere, tend to stick to the more premium brands. It’s still possible to make a profit on more mid range brands, but usually only if bought and sold in volume.

Many of the same influences on the after market price that applied to the premium brands apply here as well. Women are not keen on used watches, no matter what price range, and limited edition runs tend to be worth at least a bit more, but it should be noted that a lot of mid range brands make limited edition runs more frequently than some of the premium brands, in order to try and give the product more prestige.

Raymond Weil Has a New CEO

While a change in management can be a great change of pace, it does not always go over smoothly. However, earlier this week Raymond Weil announced that the brand founder’s grandson, Elie Bernheim, would be taking over in the position of chief executive officer. Bernheim’s father, Olivier Bernheim is the third generation of the famous family to head the Swiss watch company. The younger Bernheim joined the company in 2006 shortly after graduating from Hospitality Management School of Lausanne.

Raymond Weil Parsifal

Raymond Weil Parsifal

He brings with him expertise in the family tradition of watchmaking as well as marketing and company management skills that make him perfect for the position. Before adopting the position of Chief Executive Officer, Bernheim helped the company by developing and optimizing global strategy for Raymond Weil. In addition to his responsibilities as Chief Executive Officer, he will remain the head of the company’s marketing department.

The company, that has long been known for their skilled craft and outstanding management is eager to see how they can grow under the experienced and bright eyed hand of Elie Bernheim. The company will no doubt retain much of their current organization for a time as Bernheim becomes better acclimated to the running and operation of the company. In most cases, it is best to keep management of such a large and austere company like Raymond Weil under the hand of family. Not only is Bernheim destined to be a leader that is concerned with the success of the company, but also with the reputation that he and his family have cultivated over the years.

The brand has undergone some massive changes in the past but as always has remained one of the world’s most influential and top of the line watch brands. Raymond Weil is also one of the last family owned Swiss watchmaking companies and was founded in 1976. Much of the inspiration for the designs of the company come from music. The names of two prominent lines are Nabucco and Parsifal, both taken from famous operas. The brand also holds a number of partnerships with concert halls, awards in music, online music platforms, and charitable activities that are linked to the music world. While music was one of the main influences of the company at the start, their involvement with the music world has only grown and flourished as the company grew in both name and notoriety.

The company is sure to note that Elie Bernheim, whose mother is a professional concert pianist, also has a passion for music and will continue to allow music to influence the design and marketing of the company. In addition to his duties with Raymond Weil, Elie Bernheim also started a cheaper watch brand called 88 Rue du Rhone that offers more affordable watches that have much of the same style and beauty of the watches offered by Raymond Weil. Only time will truly tell if the change of power is the right move for Raymond Weil but at this juncture, all signs point to success as the company moves forward in an effort to not only grow as a company, but as a family owned business that is devoted to excellence.

Will.I.Am Throws His Wrist Into the Smartwatch Ring

Smartwatches have become all the latest rage, but the current buzz is that their popularity may be relatively short-lived due to their dependence on a smart phone connection in order to perform. Depending on the exact brand and type, display size may or may not provide enough space to view all of the information desired on existing Bluetooth-ready models.

On April 4, 2014, Will.I.Am announced on “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” that he has launched his own company, focused on developing and releasing his own new smartwatch. Will.I.Am revealed his prototype during the show, though he had previously worn one on “The Voice BBC.” Knowing that numerous other brands, styles, and options already exist in the marketplace, what would have prompted Will.I.Am to dive in? He and his cutting-edge cohorts took what already was and advanced the idea even further.

Will.I.Am’s smartwatch is certainly among the hottest of hot in current wearable technology advancements, but whether or not his unique brand can salvage the music industry—a question posed by Carr—remains to be seen. Upon the launch planned for mid-summer this year, his product will quickly be jockeying for position against SmartWatch News’ “Best Smartwatch of 2014″ lineup: Pebble Smartwatch, Martian Smartwatch, i’m Watch, Sony Smartwatch 2, and Connectedevice Cookoo Smartwatch.

This particular smart device has been in research and development stages and kept under wraps for approximately three years by the company he started and solely funded with his own money. Will.I.Am noted that his smartwatch is not an enhancement of any other company’s existing product. “It came from me and my futuristic friends,” he stated. Will.I.Am provided an excellent product description to Alan Carr in saying, “With this device, I don’t carry my phone anymore. This is my phone.”

Will.I.Am went on to tell Carr that his smartwatch is not a connected device dependent upon a smart phone. Because of this, he feels his device is optimal for workout enthusiasts who do not enjoy getting tangled up in wired ear buds, or even the awkwardness of Bluetooth headphones.

This wearable technological advancement is free-standing and operates as its own telephone call making smart device. Along with calling capability, Will.I.Am’s smartwatch also supports popular apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to name just a few.

The true functionality and success of Will.I.Am’s smartwatch remains to be seen, but addressing the most common complaints lodged against existing smartwatches, such as battery drain, size, weight, comfort, stylishness, and durability, will be the absolute test once his product hits the market. Though the sample product that Will.I.Am modeled on the show for Carr appeared all black in color, it isn’t unimaginable that this line would be marketed in a wide variety of fashionable colors. Perhaps interchangeable watchbands or decorative faceplates would be offered at an additional purchase price.

Will.I.Am ended his time on Alan Carr’s show by sharing that he is indeed still making music independently and has future projects planned with Black Eyed Peas.

$1.5 Million Golden Nugget Discovered

A gold nugget a private collector found decades ago in Venezuela has now been proven to be the world’s largest single gold crystal, according to researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the U.S. The value is estimated at $1.5 million, and is rare because most gold is composed of multiple crystals. Single crystallinity references its entirely natural origin, which increases its value.

Gold Nugget

The gold crystal weighs 217.78 grams and the mass is estimated as the equivalent to the size of a golf ball.

A Miami University geology professor, John Rakovan used a neutron scanner at the Los Alamos National Laboratory to peer inside the gold crystal. He said of the experience, ‘The structure or atomic arrangement of gold crystals of this size has never been studied before, and we have a unique opportunity to do so.”

The owner of the crystal is an anonymous North Carolinian treasure hunter who formerly resided in Venezuela for several decades. He asked Rakovan to analyze and officially assess the gold nugget’s value. Rakovan and colleagues can authenticate valuable gemstones in exchange for the opportunity to examine and analyze them for academic and research purposes.

The anonymous owner had submitted the gold crystal to be sold at an auction in 2006, but did not sell because it had not yet been authenticated as a single gold crystal. He later sought out Rakovan to assess it.

The results may also reveal the formation background of the crystal and the accompanying two other crystals that the collector submitted for analysis, Scientists discovered that the three crystals are in nearly perfect form, and were altered slightly after formation when flowing through the sediments in an ancient stream.

Rakovan’s hypothesis is based on an external multi-crystallization surrounding a single crystal, which likely arose from weathering and erosion. The instrument at the Los Alamos National Laboratory uses neutron diffractometry, that can reveal the interior of materials multiple centimeters in depth. Other forms of similar technology that analyze the inner workings of matter are x-rays.

Neutron diffraction sends a warm or cold neutron beam through a material that results in a reading of activity complementary to the composition of its composition, which identifies its structure.

The technology is more accurate in the analysis and differentiation of materials compared with x-ray technology because an x-ray reads the electrons surrounding an atom. A radiation that looks at the neutron diffraction will reach the interior of an atom, which results in a more accurate reading according to chemical composition.

The geology professor had also used the diffraction technology at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the past to study a collection of numerous gold crystals in 2006.

The large single gold crystal is exceedingly rare, according to Rakovan. Most gold nuggets on the valuable materials market are composed of more than one gold crystal combined by man-made manipulation. The neutron technology was able to identify that the golf-ball sized gold crystal is naturally formed and authentic.

100 Carat Graff Vivid Fancy Yellow Diamond Headed to Sotheby’s of Geneva, Expected to Break Record

For a mere $15 to $20 million, you could be the new owner of one of the largest fancy yellow diamonds in the world. On May 13, Sotheby’s of Geneva will auction the 100.9 carat Graff fancy yellow diamond, along with an Egyptian themed sapphire and diamond necklace inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra. The Graff fancy yellow, praised for its brilliant clarity and pure daffodil color, was named after famed diamond collector Laurence Graff of London.

Graff Vivid Fancy Yellow Diamond

via Sotheby’s

Graff founded Graff Diamonds of England in 1960 and has since acquired several world-renowned jewels, including the Delaire Sunrise, the largest cut fancy yellow diamond in the world at 118.08 carats, and the Peacock Brooch, a peacock with a fanned tail valued at $100 million.

Fancy yellow diamonds are graded and priced based on several different qualifications. Any diamond with natural color is considered more valuable than colorless diamonds, and the more vivid and deep the color, the more rare and expensive the diamond. Yellow diamonds have a wide range of saturation, with fancy vivid, such as the yellow Graff diamond, being the rarest and most valuable.

Yellow diamonds have increased in popularity in the past decade, with fancy vivid yellows selling or auctioning for tens of thousands of dollars. Marilyn Monroe was an avid fan of yellow diamonds, and women of the 21st century have apparently caught onto the trend, preferring colored diamonds to the clear ones that their mothers and grandmothers wore. Heidi Klum’s made a splash when she debuted her yellow fancy vivid engagement from Seal, and in this year’s Oscar nominated “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jordan Belfort, presented his onscreen love, Naomi, with a large fancy vivid yellow engagement ring.

The popularity of yellow diamonds has also been fueled by the emerging market in Asia for the colored gems, pushed by strong campaigns from Tiffany & Co. Once seen as the lesser relations of clear diamonds, yellow diamonds are now among the most purchased types of diamonds in the world, behind uncolored diamonds and pink diamonds. To find one larger than 100 carats that is as clear and vividly yellow as the Graff fancy yellow is especially rare, and it is nearly an assurance that it will go for its appraisal price—or higher.

If the 100 carat Graff Fancy Yellow headed to auction at Sotheby’s meets its appraised value, it will set a new record for fancy vivid yellows; the old record was set last year, when a sun drop diamond—later renamed the Lady Dalai—sold for $12.4 million. The Graff fancy vivid yellow is a full 24 carats larger than the Lady Dalai and is a deeper and more brilliant yellow. The Graff fancy yellow began as a larger, 223.6 carat unshaped yellow diamond and was later cut down to make several smaller pieces, including the one that Graff purchased in the 1980s from a private estate. Whatever the outcome, the auctioning of such exquisite diamonds, affordable only to the most privileged and wealthy, is always newsworthy and exciting.

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