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Rolex GMT Master II 

Rolex GMT Master II 

The beauty of the world is in its diversity. Across the globe, people practice cultures that they have never seen. Food, music, and beliefs differ across different cultures. Besides the basic cultural differences, weather and time zones also vary with places. The time zone of someone in Africa may not be the same with someone in North America. Nevertheless, it is human nature to be curious about other people. This is why research about different cultures and time zones exists. Truly, not everyone can afford to travel the world to experience different cultures. And, we all do not have access to different time zones. Most of us would have to settle for what we know about these cultures and zones through books. Pilots – people who control the flight of an aircraft – are different. They cannot settle for superficial information about time zones. They need to know the difference in the time zones of the country they are traveling to and from. So, watch designers introduced Rolex GMT Master II to make it easy for them to do this. Essentially, Rolex GMT Master became popular among pilots because of its two time zones. 

Rolex GMT Master II
Wondering why pilots needed the Rolex GMT Master II?

Well, the Rolex GMT Master is the only Rolex brand with an element like this. With the Rolex GMT Master II, you have information about the time of another country. It could also be the time of another state or zone. It displays a second-time zone and gives the wearer information about another world. 

This brand of Rolex quickly became useful to the public because of its effectiveness. Why limit the product to pilots alone when the average man can benefit? Since designers and wearers found justification to extend it to all and sundry, it has been a watch for all. 

There is no need to deny the uniqueness of the Rolex GMT Master II. Among the Rolex collections, it is one of the most unique. Of course, its uniqueness is not only about the features and functions. It has also evolved differently from others. 

The Evolution of Rolex GMT Master II

From the first model of the Rolex GMT Master II, it has been easy to distinguish it from others. In 1955, designers came up with the first model for pilots. The first model came with a 24-hour bezel, which had two halves. The first half, which was the red was useful during the day. And the other half, which was blue corresponded with nighttime. At this time, the watch was a Rolex GMT Master. 

The evolution of Rolex GMT Master II

The design became obsolete as soon as the designers thought of a new thing. They thought of having a different time without synchronization. The first new design of the Rolex GMT Master came in 1982. With the new design, the hand for night and daytime were set independently. The new evolution brought a new name to it. It moved from being a Rolex GMT Master to a Rolex GMT Master II. 

After the major change that happened in 1982, the next change came after more than two decades. In 2005, designers thought of changing the bezel metal from aluminum to ceramic. Of course, they put their thought into action, and the brand developed its monobloc bezels. 

A few years later, the designers improved the design of the ceramic. Why have one color when one can have variations of color? Designers thought it would look better if it had two color ceramic bezels. They were right because newer modifications about two ceramic bezel colors happened.  

The Designers of Rolex GMT Master II

In 2014, the designers of Rolex GMT Master II had a different idea about the ceramic’s color. With in-depth research, Rolex found a unique approach to the ceramic mixture. So, it was no longer trendy to have two-color bezel ceramic. 

Of course, the designers provided an alternative. They modified the composition and ensured a change of the color of the half from red to blue. Four years after, the designers went into changing major parts of the GMT Master II. 

First, they redesigned the lugs of the oyster case. They also changed the bracelet to a five-link jubilee bracelet. In the same year, Rolex introduced two other versions of the GMT version. People had access to the 18ct Everose gold and the Everose Rolesor version. 

The meteorite dial of the Rolex GMT Master II came around in 2019. And in 2022, some years after designers introduced the dial, they gave the people a new and unique crown. On the left side of the case, you would see the new crown. They also adjusted the winding crown, moving it to the left side of the watch case. 

We have only spent a few months in 2023, and Rolex designers have already given us new versions. Right now, there are two new versions of the Rolex GMT Master II. The first version is a Yellow Rolesor, and the second is special, with its unique metal. 

The Features and Materials of Rolex GMT Master II 

Without certain features and structures, the average man cannot exist. As it is with humans, so is it with the Rolex GMT Master II. All the features of this watch contribute to its uniqueness and durability. Some of the major features of the watch are:  

The features and materials of Rolex GMT Master II


All watches come with dials, the part of the watch that displays the time. The dial of a watch is the face of the watch. So, of course, a standard Rolex GMT Master II has a dial. The dial of the GMT master often comes in black. However, it can also be a blue or white gold model. 


The Rolex GMT Master II has one of the most exceptional bezels of watches. It has a bidirectional rotatable 24-hour bezel, which helps it to jump from one hour to another. The bezel also has unique colors of red, and blue.  

Model case 

The Rolex GMT Master can withstand harsh environments because of this feature. The oystersteel, a feature popular for being a superalloy is one of the features. It makes up the model case of the Rolex GMT Master II. The model case is also about 40mm in size. 


Contrary to what many believe, the bracelet is also an important part of any watch. The bracelet of a watch handles holding the watch around your wrist. 

The designers that made Rolex GMT Master are aware of its importance so they have made the best. It has a jubilee bracelet with makes it easy to clasp and unclasp your watch as you wish. The bracelet also has the easylink, the part of the bracelet that allows you to adjust for comfort. 


Your watch will not function at all without the presence of a caliber. It handles the movement of the hands. It also handles alarms and other mechanisms of the watch. The caliber of a Rolex GMT Master II is 3285. With this type of caliber, the movement of the watch is self-winding and mechanical. There is a guarantee that you wouldn’t need to worry about the movement of the watch. 

Why is the Rolex GMT Master II Special? 

Rolex GMT Master II is not your typical watch. The designers have put in the effort to ensure the watch aligns with time and age. So, you never have to worry about its functions. Here are some unique benefits that make the Rolex GMT Master stand out among other watches: 

Why is the Rolex GMT Master II special?

Water Resistance

The days of worrying about water when you wear your watch will be over as soon as you get this one. With a Rolex GMT Master II, you can enjoy water activities without causing any damage. The watch has the right features so it  can withstand water up to 100 meters/ 330 feet.

Indeed, you would still need to be careful around water. But it helps to know that you do not have to go into panic anytime the watch comes close to water. 

Innovative High Technology  

Many things in the world run through technology in this time, and age. So, it is no surprise that something as special as the GMT watch is tech-oriented. 

The watch runs with conventional hour, minute, and second hands. However, the introduction of technology has introduced an arrow-tipped hand. It also has a bidirectional rotatable 24-hour graduated bezel.  

You have the winding crown which helps to jump from one hour to another. It also handles the forward and backward movement, both of which are important. 

It is Clear 

If you have ever had an average watch in the dark, you will understand the struggle with legibility. Most watches only carry you as far as the day goes. As soon as dark comes knocking, the struggle to read the time of the watch begins. 

With a Rolex GMT Master II, you would never have to struggle with legibility. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to read the time at night, or during the day. This special watch has what it takes to make you see the hands of the watch. 

The legibility that comes with this would be impossible without the chromatic display. The presence of this luminescent material makes it possible to see the hour markers at any time. 


Getting any item that has high function is great. You enjoy many things that other people do not enjoy. This is the reality of anyone who gets the Rolex GMT Master II. It has some of the best options you would ever see in the Rolex brand. 

Unfortunately, many things that have an ultimate function, hardly ever give adequate comfort. This does not apply to Rolex GMT Master II. It is a special wristwatch that is as comfortable as it is functional. 

With the Jubilee bracelet, which has the oysterlock safety clasp, you don’t need to worry about losing. Your watch only gets off your wrist when you unclasp it. Otherwise, it will be on your wrist for as long as you wish. 

You also do not have to worry about tightness with the presence of Easylink. The Easylink helps you adjust the bracelet length as and when necessary. This way, you never feel uncomfortable from tightness. 

Highly Resistant to Corrosion

One of the fears whenever people buy wristwatches, is the fear that the quality will decrease. Of course, the fear is valid. For many luxury items and accessories, the quality soon starts to decrease with time.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions, even though they are rare. One of the rare exceptions is the Rolex GMT Master II watch. There is no denying the ability of this watch to resist corrosion. And, yes! This is thanks to the oystersteel that designers have used to make the case. If you know the oystersteel, you know its ability to withstand harsh environments. 

It is not hard to see why the watch will outlast many things. Because of its high corrosion resistance, this watch has the perfect longevity.  

Final Thoughts 

Your days of following the time zone of other countries on the net are over. There is an easy way in town for you! The Rolex GMT Master II is a crisscrossing watch to give you access to two time zones. With this watch, it is now possible to bring the world closer to yourself. 

If you can afford it, you should go to a reputable store to pick up your Rolex GMT Master II. It has the highest technology you can think of. So, expect it to give you things you do not find in a typical watch. 

You also do not have to worry about comfort. This special watch has the perfect feature to give you the comfort that you deserve. 


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