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So it’s September. And yes, we are fully dedicated to the sapphire. But any time we lay eyes upon a gorgeous, rich green emerald, we can’t help but fall at least a little bit in love! The gems are somewhat cousins, after all, both hailing from the precious gem branch of the jewelry family tree. Sure one is beryl and the other corundum, but no one will deny that they’re both lovely, royal gems worthy of admiration. So while we’ve got a few more weeks to love on gorgeous sapphires, it’s mooooonths until we can devote ourselves fully to emeralds. But when opportunity knocks, you show it a doorknocker earring, slap some emeralds in it and call it a day. And this golden opportunity comes in the form of a great info graphic by Christie’s. It might be quite a while ’til May arrives with its birth stone, but we love a multitude of gems year-round! And it’s no secret to us – but we’d figure we’d share with you – just why emeralds rock.


by Jared.

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