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Whose Style Will Princess Charlotte Inherit?

Whose Style Will Princess Charlotte Inherit?

England’s newest royal, the much-anticipated Princess Charlotte, may not be making public appearances just yet but she’s certainly resting up before a lifetime of fabulousness. Though she isn’t scheduled to sit on the throne, the wee princess is destined to be one of the most-watched style stars of her generation. In fact, when the great Kate wait finally ended and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge emerged on the hospital steps with their new daughter, everyone wanted to know just two things. Does she have squishy cheeks like her brother, Prince George? (She does!) And, what was she wearing for her first appearance?

But, what will the princess’s signature style be? Though she will develop her own taste and aesthetic as she grows up, she’ll likely be heavily influenced by the older generations of royal ladies and by the gems and jewels she will inherit.

Duchess Kate

If little Charlotte grows up to be like her Mum, her style will trend towards modern, petite and streamlined jewelry. Duchess Kate isn’t usually one for large accessories or glittering gems. Instead, she prefers to mix high-quality luxury pieces with more affordable options that even a commoner can include in their wardrobe.

Kate Middleton loves drop earrings and has quite a collection from both Kiki McDonough and Links of London. Citrines, pearls, white topaz or amethyst stones hand from petite gold or diamond hoops. The Duchesses signature earring style provides just a touch a sparkle and color without being overwhelming.

Cartier is another favorite brand for Kate and she is frequently seen wearing the line’s Infinity Necklace. The long necklaces features yellow, rose and white gold chains intertwined with circles in the same metals encrusted with diamonds. However, Kate’s most famous Cartier piece is her stainless steel Ballon de Blue watch. The sleek, unassuming piece is practical enough for a young mom, luxurious enough for royalty and crafted with superior quality, making it a prime possibility as an heirloom for the next generation.


But, perhaps tiny Charlotte will veer toward her grandmother’s style. Camilla isn’t shy about bringing out the big gems and tends to don an enormous jeweled statement necklace whenever there is an opportunity. Even her day-to-day jewelry is oversized and opulent. The Duchess of Cornwall loves pearls and her most frequently worn necklaces are multi-strand pearl chokers. In fact, she loves them so much that she has at least three very similar pieces. With so many spares it would be easy for her to pass one Charlotte’s way! Two of the short necklaces feature four strands of pearls. The difference is in size of the diamond clasps, which she wears in the front. The larger version she reserves for formal events, while the slightly smaller option comes out to play more frequently. Camilla also has a three-stand pearl choker with a purple amethyst clasp. That sounds like perfect material for a young princess!

Princess Diana

Princess Charlotte already shares a name with her beloved late grandmother, Princess Diana so it’s highly likely that she will wear some of her jewels later on. William and Harry both portions of their mother’s jewelry and are sure to share it with Charlotte soon enough. Right now, Kate is wearing a very of Diana’s gems. Most notably, Kate’s massive sapphire wedding ring is the same one worn by the previous generation. Though it’s unlikely that Charlotte will wear that particular ring, she may end up with the matching sapphire and diamond drop earrings that Kate has also worn a few times. Most of Diana’s jewelry collection hasn’t been worn or seen for nearly two decades. Since her taste ran toward large, sparkling diamond pieces, it will be fun to see what glittering things emerge from the vault as Charlotte gets older.


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