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Why Buy a Watch in the Digital Age?

Why Buy a Watch in the Digital Age?

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With all of the electronic gismos and gadgets on the market that can tell time, take pictures and make phone calls, do you really need a watch? You bet. A fine watch is not only a high-quality timepiece, but it’s also a wardrobe accessory that says a lot about you. A watch can also turn into a family keepsake and rise in value, making it a value-added asset you can wear all year-round.

Make a Statement

High-quality watch brands, such as Movado, Rolex and IWC, have a distinctive look that can get you noticed. This gives you the opportunity to let people know who you are and set yourself apart from your peers. There are few accessories that you can wear, which can send subtle messages about taste, class and sophistication. This makes a watch a unique asset for you in and out of the office. Most high-end watch manufacturers make timepieces for casual, office and sporting environments, allowing you to wear the right accessory for almost any situation. The same cannot be said about digital devices.

Watches have been worn by people for hundreds of years and are a part of past and contemporary culture. Wearing a watch show that you value tradition and that you are culturally sophisticated. Although there are a number of different ways you can communicate your values to other people, a watch is something that can say tradition without you having to mention anything. Also, if your grandparents or parents were known for wearing watches, it can make you feel good to stick with the tradition.

Create an Heirloom

Watches can be passed from one generation to the next, becoming prized possessions among family members. Watches can showcase the character and strength of familial bonds in a way that’s hard to imitate or replicate. This is especially true of rare or high-value watches. Passing a watch from a parent to a child can also serve as a rite of passage. It can be a symbol that a family member has reached adulthood and is ready to carry on the family name. Digital devices are yet to prove as valuable as fine timepieces, when it comes to family keepsakes.

Make an Investment

High-quality watches are often made from gold, silver or platinum and contain precious gemstones. This makes them more than just timepieces, it also makes them investments. This is especially true in times of high inflation, where the true value of money is hard to determine. Rare watches that are considered collectors’ items also carry a premium and can shoot up in value. Watches such as these can be added to investment portfolios, serving as a hedge against currency fluctuations.

The type of watch you wear says a lot about you and makes a statement to everyone you encounter. It can also become a keepsake and an investment, which can stay in your family for many generations to come. Buying a watch still makes sense, even in the digital age.


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