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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge aka Katy Cambridge aka Kate Middleton is inarguably a style icon. But she keeps the jewelry pretty demure. In fact, Princess Kate jewelry news typically comes around once a year or so. Obviously the first big news item was the RING. And this year we drooled over the fabulous Nizam of Hyderbad diamond necklace she borrowed from Queen Elizabeth. But today, we’re graced with another 2014 Kate Middleton Jewelry Alert, thanks to What Kate Wore. It seems the princess has added a stackable diamond band to her wedding suite (one of our favorite 2014 bridal jewelry trends, by the way.)

The Duchess proves an expert at mixing metals, pairing her simple gold wedding band with this delicate, thin diamond eternity band. We’re seeing  huge trend towards brides choosing super thin diamond wedding bands (like Blake Lively) to either balance out a huge diamond or with the intentions of stacking more diamond bands in the future. Not to seem greedy, these brides simply like the idea of commemorating life milestones like anniversaries, birthdays and children with more sentimental jewelry. Plus, a thin diamond stacking band is much cheaper than the traditional eternity band or anniversary band. The Anoushka one above is about $1400 USD, but you can get an identical ring stateside, or a similar look for less.

Platinum diamond eternity band

This beauty is a dead ringer for Kate’s, and is priced the same ($1395). However this ring is set in platinum and features approximately 1ctw of Round Brilliant Diamonds, G/H in Color and VS in Clarity. The Anoushka listing doesn’t specify a carat weight, so we can’t be sure, but eyeballing it looks the same. For an even better deal, you can get the look for less:

Think stackable diamond eternity wedding band

With an even thinner profile and 14kt white gold, this beautiful look alike will only set you back $395 – a royal steal!

What do you think of the Duchess’ jewelry? A token to commemorate Prince George, perhaps?

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