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Where to buy unique rings: fashion, designer and diamond

Where to buy unique rings: fashion, designer and diamond

When it comes to wearing stunning jewelry that catches the eye when you walk into a room there is nothing better than unique rings. Wearing unique jewellery like these cool rings is a way to express your own individuality. You can play up the glam and dazzle with diamonds. From abstract shapes in large sizes to the traditional chain link. There is a fine jewelry unique ring for everyone. Interlocking loops, a dome, a large bodice. There are so many different shapes that your unique ring can take. Whether it is a cocktail ring or just a passion for designer rings your unique jewellery should say something. If you are not sure what fashion diamond ring you want to get the best thing to do is check out a wide ranging collection. When it comes to where to buy unique rings Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the place for you. 

diamonds by raymond lee store where to buy unique rings

We have got a widely curated collection of unique fashion diamond ring options. From the large and bold to the unique jewelry pairings that look great together. Whether you are stacking or wearing just a single cocktail ring this is the time to shine. Bringing out your very own personality and style with each of the accessories. Whether you are one to mix and match the colors of your accessories for some gorgeous glints. Or if you prefer the diamond on diamond all white iced out look. For your hand part of the decade these unique designer rings are the way to go. In the shapes of abstract and geometric fields you can catch the eye of everyone in a room. That we can guarantee. So let us take a look at where to buy unique rings and what some of your options are for unique jewellery starting with rings.

Where to buy unique rings – Boca Raton Jewelry Store Diamonds by Raymond Lee

So let us get to it why should you buy your unique jewelry like cocktail rings, statement pieces and designer rings at Diamonds by Raymond Lee? Well for starters we are the premier destination in South Florida for diamonds and fine jewelry. Whether that is wedding and engagement rings or fashion diamond rings. Our specialty as a family owned and family run business is to bring the finest quality and designer rings together. For a collection of unique jewelry that you can choose from to your heart’s desire. It is all about showing off your own personal look and style. Stacking, mixing and matching that is the look that we love! However some of these unique rings are also perfect to wear on their own. So let us get to it what kinds of rings can you expect at our stores? Let us look at the pieces for roaring 20s.

diamond fashion rings worn together

All of the unique jewelry showcased here is currently available for sale at our stores either online or at our stores. Location information below.

We are a full service jewelry store offering some of the very best master craftsmen to work on your luxury fine jewelry and watches. With over thirty years of experience inside and out of luxury watches and fine unique jewelry they know their stuff. Whether it is keeping your watch ticking on time. Or repairing a fallen precious stone from one of your unique rings they can do it all. All right here at our in house workshop at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Your piece never leave our site or sight of our state of the art surveillance and security system. You can trust that your jewelry is safe in good hands when you leave it with us. Another one of our service options is bespoke custom creations. So if you don’t find a unique jewelry piece that you love in our collection we can craft one from your imagination. 

Fashion diamond ring looks you will love

To start us off on where to buy unique rings we want to go into the more ubiquitous of the unique rings – the fashion diamond ring. This one tends towards the monochromatic. The tried and true. Of course the look that is and always will be then the winner even when it comes to the unique rings and cocktail ring looks on this list. These are larger rings that can be statement rings worn on any finger. If you still want to add some more unique jewellery to these pieces we suggest leaving one finger space between these and their counterparts. Simply because of their large size. Both for comfort and so that they can shine.

unique ring worn on pointer finger for cocktail ring style
Large white gold and diamond bodice ring worn on pointer finger

You may be thinking that a large cocktail ring is already enough of a statement. Perhaps wearing more than just that one may be too much. But as we say at Diamonds by Raymond Lee too much diamonds is never enough! You can tastefully pair together a large statement ring with other unique jewellery as well. For example the bodice and dome rings featured below can be paired with thin ring stacks, midi ring or even one of the chain link diamond rings shown below as well. There is no reason to hold back. Specially when wearing unique rings and cocktail rings. The idea is to start a conversation when it comes to your jewellery.

18 carat White Gold 3.87 carat Diamond Large Bodice Ring

Gorgeous bodice style shape this 18 carat white gold large unique ring is a statement piece to say the least. Hugging the width of your finger it elongates the hand with a flared ends bodice style design. It features approximately 3.87 carats of diamonds. The diamonds are all brilliant white round cut and G/ H in color and VS in clarity. Almost an inch long the ring is a trellis of diamonds all set together in a net or grid of dazzling diamonds. 

dome ring unique jewellery

18 carat White Gold 13.2 carat Diamond Pave Dome Ring

A stunning shape that totally and absolutely stands out rising from your hand. This 18 carat all diamond white gold pave dome ring is a one of a kind unique ring. Featuring 13.2 carats of brilliant white round cut diamonds in a pave setting on every inch of the ring. It is a striking and large dome. The round shape is unusual for a pave diamond ring. As well as the size of it almost propped up on your finger. Larger than any pearl ring. The unique diamond fashion ring is reminiscent of the cabochon gemstone cut. Weighing in at a total 15.5 grams it is a solid ring. Quite literally from its shape and size. The diamonds are all G/ H in color and SI in clarity. Surrounding the rounded edges of this dome.

Unique jewellery: how to wear unique rings together 

chain rings unique jewellery

When it comes to the rings that we have showcased above a lot of them are statement cocktail ring designs. Not ones that you can really pair with other pieces or add on wearing next to stacks on your hand. If only because of their large size. However that is not to say that all of the unique and cocktail rings are meant to be worn on their own. Oh no we have some unique designs for you that you can pair up, stack together and wear alongside some of your other favorite ring pieces. 

One of the great options when pairing together unique jewellery and wearing several pieces together is sizes. You can really and truly play around really well with the sizes of the rings. Beyond the thickness and width the color of the precious metals also counts! You can have yellow gold rings next to white gold and all diamond pieces. The different colors and textures add to a gorgeous pairing. Making a journey across your hands it is all about catching eyes and showing off who you are. Do not be afraid to add in some midi rings and other unique jewellery too. Even perhaps some nail designs to really turn things up a notch.

chain rings worn together for unique jewellery

KC Designs 14 carat Yellow Gold 0.37 carat Diamond Chain Ring

A classic of a classic this unique ring is a take on the traditional chain look. Made in 14 carat yellow gold this chain ring has a little extra something dazzling away as well. Featuring approximately 0.37 carats of diamonds set along the chain this unique ring style and extra sparkle make it one of the more traditional yet still cocktail ring worthy looks on this list. You can pair this one up with other like chain rings. Otherwise mixing and matching the yellow gold with white golds and platinums works too. 

unique ring and designer ring worn together

14 carat White Gold 8.82 carat Wide Diamond Band

Not your average diamond band this 14 carat white gold unique ring is a stunner. With an incredible 8.82 carats this wide band is studded with brilliant white round cut diamonds. There are a total of 40 diamonds along this band. The diamonds are all G/ H in color and VS in clarity. A striking 15.1 gram ring it is not your average diamond band. Excellent to pair with other unique rings or wear alongside some unique ring stacks. 

where to buy unique jewellery gold band

Diamonds by Raymond Lee your local jewelers in Boca Raton, Florida

As we have mentioned Diamonds by Raymond Lee is a family owned and family run local jeweler in South Florida. We pride ourselves in our superior service and top quality products. Designer rings, earrings, watches and bracelets alongside some of the finest unique jewellery in the world. We bring all of these pieces together in our widely curated collection of fine jewelry and luxury watches. Whether you are looking for the very latest in looks and styles. Or rather searching for a vintage or limited edition we have them. Our expert team of jewelry and watch connoisseurs have been in this business for more than thirty years. Alongside our family they help us deliver superior service and the ultimate experience at each of our stores. Because shopping for unique jewelry should be a unique moment in time as well. Which is what we deliver time and time again for you.

cocktail ring worn on middle finger

Our refined clientele is focused on not just the latest fashion trends. What they want are the iconic and statement pieces that show themselves. Their luxury life style translated into the greatest unique jewelry and designer rings in this case. The way to communicate your very own take on life. In all of the glitz and glamour of fashion diamond rings, stacked high and paired with diamond bracelets for the arm party that never stops. It is all about layering, gathering, mixing and matching. And of course building up your very own unique collection of looks and styles to stun. For you and to show off you these are the unique jewellery items that we carry here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. As well as offer all of the regular maintenance and repair services that you might need. Including bespoke modifications and custom creations. It is all possible with us. 

three unique rings worn together

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Feel free to reach out to us by email with any inquiries that you might have. We operate sales both in person and online. So if you are not able to drop by one of our expertly designed Boca Raton locations do not worry. We can still offer you access to our curated collection no matter where you are! For all of the gorgeous unique jewellery showcased here today as well as for our other dazzling diamond options check us out. We have a wide collection of luxury jewelry.

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