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What is a Halo Ring? Pros and Cons of Halo Engagement Rings

What is a Halo Ring? Pros and Cons of Halo Engagement Rings

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Halo vs No Halo Engagement Rings – Which is better? Read below to learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision when buying a halo or no halo diamond engagement ring.

cheap halo engagement rings

Men, are you getting ready to pop the question? Are you wondering “what is a halo ring?”

Ladies, did he tell you can choose any ring you’d like?

Whether you are the man on the hunt for the perfect ring or you are the woman deciding whether you want a halo or no halo engagement ring, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

When buying an engagement ring, it’s best to make the purchase equipped with all the knowledge, especially since this will be the most sentimental piece of jewelry you will ever buy.

Let’s get into it. We will start with the basics…

What is a Halo Ring?

For those who are wondering “what is a halo ring exactly?”, a halo diamond ring is a type of setting for an engagement ring where a center diamond has a concentric circle or square of smaller accent diamonds around it. You can get halo diamond rings with single or double halos. This “halo” of smaller diamonds around the centerpiece creates the illusion of a larger diamond. It also makes the engagement ring sparkle, shine and flash in an exquisitely lavish way, as light reflects off of many diamonds instead of a single centerpiece like a solitaire setting. In general, halo diamond rings offer a larger appearance and draw more attention to the ring finger.

Although it’s an extremely popular setting across the globe and a favorite amongst women of all ages, it may not be for everyone, which is something we are addressing in this article.

However, before we get into the pros and cons of halo vs no halo engagement rings, we want to offer a little history on the halo diamond, as to impugn the common concern that halo diamonds are simply a “trend”.

pros and cons of halo engagement rings

The ring on top is a Halo ring. The Bottom is a Solitaire setting.

History of the Halo Diamond Ring

Halo designs have been around for centuries, we are talking 300+ years. You can’t really call something a trend if it began in the 1700s and it still remains popular in the year 2019.

The first halo designs were produced in the early Georgian era of classic jewelry (1714-1837). Halo settings have been in fashion for every subsequent era since the Georgian era, including the Victorian and Art Deco era which are currently the two most popular eras to draw inspiration from for modern vintage style rings.

Halo diamond rings were super popular in Hollywood in the 1940s, then the design fell out of favor when the Great Depression and WW2 hit due to halo diamond rings being “opulent” and costly to produce (comparing to other setting styles).

As with many classic ring designs, the halo has been evolving with every decade. Nowadays, halo engagement rings can be simple, ornate or even made using gems like sapphires.

The point is…as with anything that is timeless in the fashion and jewelry world, popular styles come and go, but it is quite clear that the halo setting is a classic design. So, if you like (or love) the halo, don’t worry about it being a “trend”, it’s been around since the 1700s…it’s hardly a short term trend. Halo diamond engagement rings aren’t going anywhere.

halo or solitaire

What is a No Halo Diamond Engagement Ring?

A no halo ring is as simple as it sounds, any ring that doesn’t use a halo setting.

Besides a halo setting, the most popular engagement ring settings are:

  • Solitaire (single diamond setting that uses 4 or 6 prongs to hold the diamond in place)
  • Three Stone (one of our favorites and a classic style as well)
  • Bezel Setting
  • Cluster Setting
  • Tension Setting

For the sake of keeping this article straightforward, we are going to consider the “no halo” as a solitaire (or prong) setting – Halo settings and Solitaire settings are two of the most classic and popular settings and styles so it makes sense to do so when making this Halo vs No Halo comparison.

history of halo engagement rings


We are going to lay out the pros and cons of both halo and no halo settings. When everything is said and done, it’s really going to come down to personal preference, so unfortunately for those who like things black and white, there will be no winner. You will just have to decide for yourself which you like best. We can only hope that the information we are about to provide will help you make an informed decision when buying an engagement ring.

Benefits of Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Visual Impact (Bigger & Shinier)

Halo ring settings make the center diamond appear bigger. For those who are on a budget but still want a big visual impact, the halo setting is a great option. First of all, the setting creates a larger surface area and since the smaller diamonds surrounding it have very little space in between them, the bling covers the entire surface area. Furthermore, with all those smaller diamonds surrounding your centerpiece, you are going to have a lot more light bouncing off of your ring. Thus, a lot more sparkle. Bling, bling.

More Carat Weight Without the Sticker Shock

In terms of budget, numerous smaller diamonds will be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than a single diamond of the same weight. So, you get a greater total volume without breaking the bank.

Offers Character

Halo settings support and compliment a number of diamond shapes, like round brilliant, princess, oval, heart, and cushion cut diamonds. Many of these diamond shapes won’t work for no halo engagement rings. Furthermore, you can get really complex with the details of the halo due to the size of the ring. Pave set diamonds, migraine, filigree and more. All in all, this adds beauty and interest to your engagement ring. There are so many ways to be unique when choosing a halo setting, especially if you go for a custom design. Not to mention, many women consider the halo setting to be the most romantic.

Supports the Center Diamond

The halo of diamonds better secures the centerpiece diamond. Moreover, it protects the centerpiece’s vulnerable points from bumps, bangs and other accidents. Now, you might be thinking that diamonds are the hardest materials and they can’t be damaged. Unfortunately, that’s a misconception. They can be scratched if hit hard enough, and this WILL diminish the value of the stone. A halo ring setting shields the centerpiece from any harmful objects.

pros and cons of solitaire engagement rings

Cons of Halo Engagement Rings

Decreases Stone’s Brilliance From Its Profile

On many Halo engagement rings, from the side, you can’t really see your diamond or the sparkle in your rock which otherwise would scream “look at me”. It’s very challenging to make a halo ring bling from the side, which, unfortunately, is an angle many people will be looking at it from. With that being said, there are many different halo settings and styles so you can find one that blings from all angles. So if you are looking at a halo ring, make sure you are checking to see if the shine is obscured from its flanks.

Wear Issues

As beneficial as those tiny diamonds can be for protecting the centerstone, they are like pawns on a chessboard and sometimes they can be sacrificed. It’s likely that you can expect to replace a few of those small diamonds over your ring’s lifetime. This is because the tiny prongs that hold the diamonds in place get loose over time. Therefore, the diamonds fall out. The more diamonds surrounding your ring and on the band, the greater the chance of some falling out over time. The cost isn’t really significant but no one wants to spend time going back to the jeweler to replace their diamonds, even if it happens only once and a while. Moreover, even though the cost is nominal, it can still cost more than their worth.

Difficult to Resize

Many halo rings have diamonds around the band, as the concept of the halo is all about making the ring more lavish. Resizing a halo engagement ring with diamonds in the band is a challenging task for any jeweler. So, if you do decide to go for a halo engagement ring and you are worried that you may have to resize it in the future, make sure you get a band without diamonds covering the entire band.

Benefits of No Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

The Center Diamond Is Not Hidden

For prong setting engagement rings, which are easily the most classic engagement ring setting (one you can’t go wrong with), the centerpiece is not hidden by the setting. You and others will be able to see its brilliance from all angles.

Classic & Timeless

The Solitaire setting is easily the most classic and timeless setting. A round brilliant diamond set in a 4 or 6 prong setting will never go out of style, not even for a moment. It’s a beautiful and sophisticated look that all women will appreciate.

Better Resale Value

One stone that is bigger will cost more than smaller diamonds that equal the same carat weight, but the resale value will be much better as well.

what is a halo diamond

Cons of No Halo Engagement Rings

More Expensive

If you want a diamond that’s worthy of flaunting, it’s going to cost you more. So, as stated above, the resale value will be better, but then again, the initial cost will be greater as well. For example, a 2-carat single diamond will cost exponentially more than a .9 carat centerpiece diamond with many smaller diamonds surrounding it that make the ring a total of 2 carats in weight. Moreover, if the diamond isn’t of a good grade, it’ll be much more recognizable on a solitaire setting than a halo.

Snags on Clothing and Other Materials.

Many prong setting and solitaire setting engagement rings are high-set, which means they can easily snag on certain materials like clothing. Thus, you will want to take your ring off on certain occasions. For those with an active lifestyle, a low-set prong setting will be a good way to avoid this issue.

is halo setting too trendy


When it comes down to it, the most important thing is that you love your ring. Both halo and no halo engagement rings are great. Some women may want the extravagant “extra” look that comes with a halo engagement ring, and others may think that is “too much”. Some women want a classic timeless look so they choose the solitaire setting, while other women think the halo engagement ring is just as classic and timeless so they choose that. Both halo and no halo engagement rings are classic, timeless and can offer that splendid vintage feel. There truly is no wrong option when it comes to halo vs no halo rings. The best advice is to be yourself and choose what you love.

halo vs no halo engagement ring

Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings

Tips for Men Buying an Engagement Ring as a Surprise

Guys, if you are wondering “should I get her a halo or solitaire engagement ring”, here is the perfect tip for you…get stalker-ish. Go through her Pinterest boards, her search history, etc. to see what rings she’s pinning or searching for. Ask her friends (tell them to keep it on the hush).

Another great way is to take her to a jewelry store or even a shop at the mall to just look around, then pay attention to the rings that catch her eyes.

Lastly, be informed with the above pros and cons and make a decision based on her style and lifestyle. If she is active and simple, a solitaire is an easy choice. If she is extravagant and loves shiny things, the halo might be the best option. Many times women don’t even know what they want and they get overwhelmed when you give them the option to choose. It’s like asking where do you want to go for dinner – Man up.

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