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The countdown continues! So far, we’ve recapped the very best of our…

Tacori engagement rings

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And today we’re at it again with one of our most surprisingly controversial ring styles: the top 10 halo engagement rings of 2016! Halos spark some debate, surprisingly enough. We’ve written about it before:

Solitaire vs. Halo engagement rings

Decision 2016 – this is about as political as we get here on the blog.

To halo? Or not to halo?

Halo vs. No Halo engagement rings

It’s a topic dear to our hearts and we never get tired of debating the finer points of these fine rings with our RLJ and DBRL brides. But today we’re firmly on #TeamHalo. Here’s why:

  • Halo engagement rings make your center diamond look enormous. The halo of smaller diamonds can add major visual weight to your center stone, making it appear larger. So .25ctw of extra diamonds can make your center diamond look an entire carat larger.
  • Because that extra carat weight is made up of several smaller diamonds, the price is much lower. A bunch of small diamonds costs much less than one single stone of equal carat weight. This is because larger diamonds are rarer and priced accordingly for their scarcity.
  • Halo engagement rings are full on glam. Whether your halo is shared prong, pave or micropave, the extra round brilliants make your ring look like it’s glittering.
  • Halo engagement rings are the biggest trend in bridal since the round brilliant diamond. This stunning style blends the modern techniques of skilled jewelers with a classic style of engagement ring (the first halos were antique bezel-set Old European or Old Mine cut diamonds!)

So now you know why we – and so many brides – love halo engagement rings. Let us show off a few of the very best from 2016.


Halo Engagement Rings

This trio of gorgeous Gabriel & Co. engagement rings stole sooo many hearts, but the two halos ran away with the lead on our Instagram poll.


Halo engagement rings

This 1.07ct E VS1 round brilliant diamond anchors one of our favorite halo settings. Here, we paired with a pair of impossibly thin rose gold and diamond wedding bands.


Halo engagement rings

This amazing Simon G. double halo features rose gold and pink diamonds on a round halo, totally embraced by a white diamond cushion shaped halo!


Halo engagement rings

Tacori always nails the delicate, floral-style halo.


Halo engagement rings

See? They even nail it in yellow gold (hence the entire Tacori Gold collection!)


Halo engagement rings

And, of course, in rose gold – like this delicate halo from the Pretty in Pink collection.


Halo engagement rings

This petite crescent halo with a closely set diamond band is radiant in platinum.


Halo engagement rings

And one more Petite Crescent halo, this time from Tacori’s new Renaissance Bloom collection. We love the unique shape of this halo!


Halo engagement rings

If you liked that unique halo, here’s another serving. You’ll see that double pink halo from above once more, but also three Simon G. halos that stand out in a crowd. Simon G. engagement rings are famous for their unique shapes, luxurious details, and beautiful diamonds.


Halo engagement rings

This Verragio engagement ring wraps up our favorite halos of 2016, thanks to its Venetian details, large diamond halo, and classic lace shank.

Which were your favorite halo engagement rings of 2016?




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