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Solitaire vs Halo Engagement Rings: Decision 2016

Solitaire vs halo engagement ring – has there ever been a more contentious, mud-slinging debate? Oh…

Well the good news is, given the choice between both of these options, any bride would be happy to choose one or the other. They’re both incredibly beautiful options for your engagement ring, and both will have everyone (especially you) ooh-ing and ahh-ing as soon as you say “Yes!”

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The solitaire vs halo engagement ring preference rests squarely on your shoulders, and others (passionate) opinions shouldn’t sway you. The reactions to your engagement ring are a small taste of the advice and opinions you’ll receive throughout the wedding planning process.

Everything from your dress to your cake flavor might be up for discussion among friends and family – whether you’re listening or not. But when it comes to the ring? It’s especially easy to tune out the opinions of others while your lovingly gazing at your new shiny engagement ring. So if someone has tried to convince you that their taste in rings is the only classy/chic/elegant/glamorous option, just know that at the end of the day you’re the one wearing this ring forever. Your vote is the one that counts.

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That being said, what are the talking points for the solitaire vs halo engagement ring debate? Each side comes prepared with their own reasons for loving one more than the other, and each side is happy to present the drawbacks of the opposition. We here at Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee are unbiased – we love any and all gorgeous engagement rings! So we’ve compiled the most pertinent facts so you can make an informed decision come this November when you’re compiling your “Dream Rings” board on Pinterest.

Halo Engagement Rings


  • A halo around your center diamond enhances its size. Not only does it actually add to the ring’s total carat weight, but it visually makes the center diamond appear a lot bigger.
  • Those extra carats, thanks to a cluster of smaller diamonds, add weight without adding much more to your bottom line. Several small diamonds cost less than one larger diamond, so you can have a 2ctw ring for less than half the price of a 2ct ring.
  • Get ready to glimmer – pavé, or micropavé, a setting technique that places small, round brilliant cut diamonds in a way that looks like the “pave” the metal in which they’re set – gives halo engagement rings a glitter effect. They have the look of added fire and brilliance.
  • TONS of options – just when you think halo engagement rings are cookie cutter, a designer like Simon G., Henri Daussi, or Tacori comes along and creates something spectacular and unique.


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  • They’re trendy. Halo engagement rings speak to the current generation of brides, meaning that like the princess cuts of the 90’s or the marquise of the late 70’s before them, a halo engagement ring will give away your wedding anniversary (possibly your age!)
  • They’re very feminine. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and plenty of women want a girly, romantic ring. But the bride who the prefers clean lines of a bezel set, or the organic, soft look of raw diamonds and brushed gold, is not going to fall in love with a halo.

Solitaire Engagement Rings


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  • The solitaire engagement ring is the most classic and timeless look. It’s what likely pops into your mind when you think of an engagement ring. In fact, it’s so universally recognized it’s an emoji.
  • Highly customizable – if halo engagement rings give you options then a solitaire will give you the entire realm of jewelry at your fingertips. You can craft this style perfectly to match your tastes, whether you like avant-garde, edgy, classic, or glamorous.
  • They stand out in a crowd – those halo engagement rings that are nearly universally adored can blend together. A solitaire will always stand out.


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  • They give you less bling for your buck. Because one larger diamond is more expensive than several smaller diamonds, you’ll need to spend more to achieve the same visual weight as a halo. You also should strongly consider upping the ante on the diamond’s other characteristics – its color, cut, and clarity grades. This is important because in a solitaire engagement ring, all eyes are on that center diamond with no distraction. It better be a great one! And beauty comes at a premium when it comes to diamonds.

Which of these rings do you vote for? The solitaire vs halo engagement ring debate – and the future of our bridal world – is up to you!


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