The Biggest New Names for Bridesmaids and Wedding Dresses 2014

The world of wedding dresses – not just THE dress, but bridesmaids too – is quickly evolving. As young women get married they start to recognize the gaping holes in the market that aren’t fulfilling the needs of today’s brides and bridesmaids. Luckily, these women decided to do something about it, and several have launched innovative new companies full of solutions for every bride. These are the new names that everyone shopping for bridesmaids or wedding dresses 2014 need to know.

Nearly Newlywed

Nearly Newlywed is like a highly curated version of your average online dress marketplace. It has stunning, designer dresses that have been pre-selected to ensure that they’re what today’s bride is looking for (so you’re not wading through early 2000’s style sateen.) Think Claire Pettibone, Monique Lhullier, and yes, Vera. Nearly Newlywed’s return shipping is relatively inexpensive (compared to the cost of the dresses), so if the dress isn’t quite what you had in mind, you can return it for $50. This offers the buyers more protection than the bride-to-bride markets, where dresses are typically final sale and you have no try-on opportunity.

Borrowing Magnolia

We literally heard about this yesterday, and we’re still amazed. Borrowing Magnolia is a cross between Nearly Newlywed and Rent the Runway (which you already know is a favorite source of ours for bridesmaids dresses.) It functions as a middle man, allowing brides who are selling their gowns a better chance for sales. More importantly, it allows the brides who are buying the opportunity to try on their dress at home before purchasing or renting. Brides can select three dresses to try on at home, for $99, which is credited towards the dress rental, once they decide to say yes to the dress.So while other sites have brides hoping their dress fits (or will fit with minimal alterations), Borrowing Magnolia lets the brides know for sure.


The easiest thing to have your bridesmaids wear is, of course, their own little black dress. They’ll love you forever and your bridal party will look eternally chic no matter which decade your grandchildren haul out your old wedding album. But what if you’re having a spring garden wedding? Black dresses may not fit the attire. And if you’ve had your heart set on pale blue ‘maids since you were little then you shouldn’t compromise. Enter Durga-Kali. They have several different styles of dresses in all the usual bridesmaids dress colors, but with a twist. Every dress is reversible to a little black dress – so your girls can wear their dresses again as the original or in their LBD version.

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