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How to Mix and Match Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

How to Mix and Match Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

When it comes to engagement rings, many women know exactly what they want. They can confidently tell you why they prefer pear shapes, why they’d like gold instead of platinum, and visions of shared prong micropave dance in their heads. So often these engagement ring admirers fill Pin Boards upon Pin Boards up with their dream engagement ring, hoping a boyfriend (either extant or due to arrive any year now) will swing by RLJ to pick out the perfect ring. And often, we’re smitten to help these love-struck grooms-to-be choose the ring that their intended has been dreaming of. And for the vast majority of the engagement, all is well. She can admire her newest bling any time she glances at her hand, no longer has to scroll through our e-e-ring showcase to find the perfect one.

But then, at a certain point, the couple starts shopping for wedding rings. And sheer panic ensues. Well, not always. And perhaps we’re being overly dramatic, but it’s totally clear at this point that for all the time our brides spend researching their favorite engagement rings, they give very little thought (if any) to their wedding band. Let’s change that. Here are some great ways you can mix and match engagement rings with wedding bands to find the perfect fit.

Mixed Metals

What band to pair with a rose gold engagement rings

If you have a non-white metal engagement ring, finding a coordinating band can seem daunting. Of course, you can always just choose a white metal band, but if you have, say, a rose gold engagement ring, you might want to match, or even incorporate some two-tone metal.

Mixed Colors

What kind of wedding band to pair with antique style engagement ring

Again, you can always mix white diamonds with fancy color or gemstones. Our favorite look is to either add a pop of color in the band to a white diamond ring, or to keep the band super classic with only white diamonds.

Like a Puzzle Piece

Wedding bands that fit with engagement ring

This is the look for the bride who can’t stand any space between her engagement ring and wedding band. She’s also the first to ask for soldering. We’re happy to solder rings, but generally recommend against it because it makes it very difficult (if not impossible) to re-size the ring.


thin stacked wedding bands

The hottest trend in bridal by a landslide. Every bride who visits our sparkling showroom wants us to direct her, asap please, to the thin diamond bands for stacking. We’re obsessed with the ring stack, and love that it gives the opportunity to add to the collection, especially to commemorate other major milestones (ahem, push presents.)


thin stacking diamond bands

Another take on the stack, just a different way to wear it.

Go Big or Go Home

Ultimately, for some of our lucky customers, the idea of wearing both engagement ring and wedding band on one hand is too.much. They’re sporting major bling, so they can either go the stack route, with a super delicate wedding band to pair with their giant rock, or separate entirely. Typically the fans of left hand right hand adornment want a larger eternity band in addition to their huge engagement ring. This allows them to still sport impressive bling out and about in Boca Raton, via their stunning eternity band, and keep the larger diamonds at home. Of course, when the occasion calls for it – and when season gets swinging – these ladies wear both rocks, and always elicit audible gasps.


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