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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Review – Blue Dial & Steel Bracelet

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Review – Blue Dial & Steel Bracelet

vacheron constantin review

Presenting a Diamonds by Raymond Lee review of the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Blue Dial Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet (reference 49150/BO1A-9745).

vacheron constantin review

Today we present to you a Vacheron Constantin Overseas review. The pictures featured in this article are of a Pre Owned Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

In 2012, Vacheron Constantin released an Overseas watch (ref. 49150/B01A-9745) with a striking blue dial.

The blue dial provides an amazing contrast to the steel case and bracelet. It also makes for an impeccably regal appearance.

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch has many Maltese Cross elements that pay tribute to the brand’s logo.

The bezel has a polished Maltese Cross look. Distracting as it is, it is done in an appealing way.

Even the bracelet utilizes the Maltese Cross in its design. This is an extremely unique touch that declares the brand’s true artistry.

The overall detail on this watch shows the fine craftsmanship that Vacheron Constantin employs, and it’s enough to rival any of the top Swiss watch brands.

It has a finely made 42mm wide case that feels great. The Overseas wears larger than its competitor, the Patek Philippe Nautilus.

The watch isn’t just attractive, but it is also superbly comfortable on the wrist. The detailing shows an astonishing beveling and finishing.

Overall it has a very lively vibe. Exactly what you would expect from a sports watch of this caliber.

Why are Vacheron Constantin Watches So Appealing?

Vacheron Constantin watches are made excellently. They use precious stones and metals in every single part and piece of the watch.

The craftsmanship is just as precious as the material is as well. Their designing and manufacturing process is all about precision and excellence.

All of this has allowed the historic Vacheron Constantin brand to become one of the most highly sought after brands of luxury watches in the world.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas 49150/B01A-9745 ON THE WRIST

This 2012 timepiece, as a full bracelet blue dial variant, is already being regarded as a modern classic.

On the wrist, the watch is 6 1/3 inches (16 centimeters) in circumference. The watch has an impressive stance, yet it is not overwhelming for smaller wrists.

The watch’s largest single dimension is across the broad of the case (lug to lug), which is 51mm.

The Overseas watch offers an impressive heft. It has solid caseback, soft iron inner case around the movement for substantial anti-magnetic properties, and the bracelet is exceptionally generous.

However, as hefty as it is, the watch is very thin. This is something we want to emphasize, as it is a characteristic we love.

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas is only 12mm thick, even despite its complex complication, sporting bend structure, and 150-meter water resistant capability.

It features a perfectly sloped Maltese Cross style bezel, allowing it to easily slide underneath a dress cuff.

All in all, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch is a real two-way player – great for business suits and bathing suits. It works hard and plays hard.

vacheron constantin overseas review

Vacheron Constantin Overseas 49150 Stainless Steel CASE and BEZEL

42.5mm across the broad of the case – that’s the distance from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock of the case, not inclusive of the crown guards or the chronograph pushers.

It features 150 meters of water resistance, with screw down crowns and pushers. This is significantly more than either of its rivals – the Nautilus and the AP Royal Oak.

You can see that it has a handsome finish on the metal of the case. The top has a satin finish, with the flanks of the case polished beautifully as well.

Vacheron 49150 Bezel

The bezel is very distinctive yet quite subtle to the eye. It has a unique Maltese Cross shape, with a minimized touch to open up the dial. It’s a special attribute to an otherwise standard case shape.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Caseback

On the caseback, you will see a fully rigged ship, tribute to Francois Constantin’s early 19th century trip to the United States and Canada. This is one of our favorite aspects of the watch, even though it is essentially only for the owner of the watch’s eyes to see. It tells the story of the North American leg that helped establish Vacheron Constantin’s place in the US and Canadian market, despite the distance and span of the Atlantic Ocean.

Behind the caseback, there is an inner core that protects the movement from magnetism up to 25,000 amperes per meter.

It should be noted that the ISO definition of an anti-magnetic watch is protection from 4,800 amperes per meter. So, clearly, this is far more than the baseline.

vacheron constantin overseas blue dial

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Blue DIAL

The dial is a gorgeous lapis lazuli blue, catching the eye with ease in a vibrant yet soft way. The regal, ultramarine color pairs beautifully with the stainless steel, speaking of the artistry that went into the design of the Overseas watch.

Blue has been a favored color by many brands in the watch industry throughout the last decade, only reserved for some of the most important models of watches.

The color represents both the sky and the sea; it’s associated with freedom, imagination, wisdom, trust and loyalty. It produces a positive effect on the mind and the body, through a feeling of calmness and tranquility. It’s the perfect splash of extravagance to a watch that has a mostly sensible, classic appeal.

The dial has depth, detail and calculated asymmetry that make it both becoming and more functional.

It has a slightly sloped track for the chronograph seconds hand. From there, moving inboard, you’ll see large white gold polished hour indices that offer an abundant luminance.

This is an easy watch to see in low or no light conditions.

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas is decidedly asymmetrical. The minute register at the 3 o’clock is far larger than its counterparts, with the constant seconds sub at the 6 being the most marginalized in regards to size. At the 9 o’clock, the dial features a 12-hour chrono counter subdial, employing Arabic numerals at “3”, “6”, and “9”. All of which allows the wearer to easily read the most appropriate information of the chronograph at any given time.

Furthermore, each of the subdials has a beautifully polished chapter, noticeable to the keenest eyes.

The hands on the dial and subdials take on various forms.

The hour and minute hands are 18k white gold with white luminous fills. The hands on the subdials at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are of a different shape than the subsidiary seconds at the 6. The varying shapes show the playfulness and playful aesthetics that Vacheron, the great Genevan brand, has for contemporary designs.

Despite the varying lines and shapes of the hands, it all comes together to make for the perfect unity. Everything on the dial is unique yet as a whole it is purely togetherness.

Moreover, you should note the loveable double-digit date apertures at the 12 o’clock position, which is a feature is lost and already lamented in the arrival of the third-generation Overseas in 2016. This date has a quick set function. In our opinion, it is very handsome, easily readable, extremely functional, and unfortunately, with the revamp of the latest version, it’s completely gone. So this is a special feature you won’t find on the newer Overseas model.

To top it off, we just love how the seconds hand fits in between the date aperture perfectly, as to not obstruct visibility.

All in all, the dial has so much detail, yet it is done very tactfully so there is no excess. The dial has an impeccable harmony to it, producing a timeless appearance while remaining mostly loyal to its original design from 1999.

pre owned vacheron constantin

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph MOVEMENT

The crown and chronograph pushers have charming knurling to them. Additionally, they’re incredibly easy to use. It doesn’t take nimble fingers to get a hold of them. Even with wet or gloved hands, it is easy to access all of the primary functions of the watch.

The caliber inside the Overseas is Vacheron’s caliber 1137. The Caliber 1137 is based on a Frederic Piguet 1185, with an additional grande date module made in-house by Vacheron Constantin.

Pure excellent with no compromises

Even though the Caliber 1137 movement is the same as the original Overseas from 1999, it’s still an excellent mechanism that does no wrong. The movement has a chronograph with a large date, featuring 37 jewels and 183 parts.

Plenty of Vacheron’s competitors use mechanisms with fewer components, to save on costs. You won’t find this type of thinking from this Genevan brand. Vacheron produces perfection, which is clear if you ever visit their facilities in Switzerland. They do not have the word compromise in their “brand dictionary”.

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph watch has a 40-hour power reserve, automatic winding, a 3-hertz beat rate, and a vertical clutch engagement any-column wheel selector.

A column wheel chronograph requires a labor-intensive fabrication and will only be seen in premium timepieces that have a stopwatch complication

The vertical clutch column wheel selector has a lot of benefits, one being a smooth start and another being the ability to run the chronograph full-time with no hazard to the movement. Also, the vertical clutch offers a fresh actuation so that you can enjoy and feel the tactile pleasure of more precise traditional chronograph architecture.

The movement that is Frederic Piguet is both exceptionally sophisticated and of a thin caliber, which like the display date at the 12 is already missed in the latest iteration of the Overseas.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Stainless Steel BRACELET & CLASP

Firstly, the ergonomics of the bracelet, not to mention the case, should be noted. The bracelet is able to pull straight down around the tight curve of a small wrist. Unlike many bracelets with solid end links, this one won’t flare or fight the curve of your wrist.

The curve and the flexibility of the bracelet help the watch fit a variety of wrist sizes.

This watch could be worn on a wrist down to as low as 14 centimeters in circumference with security while still looking proportional.

The bracelet exceeds expectations. As it should for being a first-class sports watch.

Furthermore, the reputation of Vacheron should explain enough. They have an extremely impressive track record.

The bracelet isn’t just well-made, it has beauty and elegance. You can see this in the recurring Maltese Cross theme of the center joinery on the bracelet. It looks as if the Maltese Cross is stacked beautifully on top of each other with each link.

You can also see the complexity of each individual link faceted, alternately polished and satin finished, and the gorgeous polished bevel of the flanks of the bracelet.

Also, run your fingers down the bracelet and you’ll recognize the fine craftsmanship. You won’t feel a single step, even though visually you can see the taper. That’s the amazing degree of tolerances Vacheron offers.

On the underside of the bracelet, there are consummate channels between the links, so it is not likely to pinch skin or pull hair. Something that turns many watch enthusiasts against some bracelet on sports watches.

The Vacheron Constantin Stamped Clasp

The clasp is extremely solid and completely finished. We are talking not a single unfinished element in the entire clasp. It is beautifully made and wonderfully secured with a low profile so that when closed it’s not as susceptible to desk diving damage, as are many conventional oversized sports watch clasps. And, of course, with a twin trigger release, you really do have to actively release. So it won’t accidentally pop open at any time, thankfully.

Why should you buy a Pre Owned Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch?

A new Vacheron is a big investment and you will only be able to purchase models that are currently in production. So, there is no way to get this model (49150/B01A-9745) brand new.

You can get a used Vacheron Constantin Overseas in pristine condition, and you’ll be paying a lower premium (likely around $10K less) than you would for a new version of the Overseas.

Furthermore, buying a pre owned Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch like this one allows you to make a more informed investment, as the market has clearly defined this model as a soon-to-be “classic” from Vacheron Constantin. So not only will you save money, you will be making an investment into an asset that will most likely continue to increase in value. We can’t say this about every new model from Vacheron, as it takes time to recognize which models are in the highest demand.

Put simply, you can’t go wrong with a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph 49150/B01A-9745. With that being said, you will only want to buy a pre owned Vacheron Constantin Overseas that is in good-to-excellent condition…like this one featured here.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas in Boca Raton at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

One look at the Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch in person and even the most derisive watch buyer will be ensnared. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we are huge admirers of Vacheron Constantin, especially the Overseas model.

You can see and purchase this second generation pre owned Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph on our website, and you can also make an appointment or pop into our retail location in Boca Raton anytime we are open.

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