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Vacheron Constantin’s Exclusive Social Network

Vacheron Constantin’s Exclusive Social Network

Those who pursue elegant and exclusive watches are noticeable and said to be in their own separate class. The Vacheron Constantin company took this literally and created a club for those who value stylish and high quality watches.

┬áThe Hour Club is Vacheron Constantin’s exclusive social network for customers. Vacheron Constantin has been in close contact with customers for over 250 years, but the internet gives watch enthusiasts a better way to connect with the company and each other.

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A piece made by the oldest manufacturer of Swiss watches is destined to be a masterpiece. This is why Vacheron Constantin watches are rare collectibles and status symbols. Your elevated status as a Vacheron Constantin watch owner comes with the keys to the social networking kingdom. Those who own a watch can register with the Hour Club for an experience as finely tailored as the treasured watches. The club provides news, excellent customer service and rare events for members only.

Vacheron Constantin’s Exclusive Social Network Provides A New World Salon

The era when Constantin watches were first created was full of parties and salons that gathered the social elite and best minds of the time. The best perk of the Vacheron Constantin Hour Club is an online re-creation of these sophisticated soirees. Members gather for conversation and provide each other with knowledge and entertainment while discussing everything about watches. Users can also display their collections and make inquiries about pieces they still need. This forum provides engaging topics and polite conversation with others who know the value of fine jewelry.

Vacheron Constantin watches continue to improve as technology advances. They will always pair their classic styles with new innovations. The Hour Club is one way the company blends old and new worlds styles to create a sensational treat for clients.

Nicole C for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.

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