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Used Hermes Bangles

Used Hermes Bangles

One of our favorite saying is “ain’t no party like an arm party.” And it’s true, even if the ring stacking extravaganza that took the jewelry world by storm as the hottest jewelry trend 2013 saw would like to argue otherwise. There’s nothing that keeps an outfit so on trend as a lively arm party stacked on your wrists. We always like to start our arm party off with a Love bangle or two, and this year saw us add the Juste un Clou bracelet to our guest list. A well placed Jemma Wynne bangle adds some sparkle to the party, but when we need a dash of color there’s really only one maison to turn to: Hermes.

The Hermes enameled bangle is a fashion staple, known worldwide for its punchy pop of pattern that mimic the world famous scarves. The enamel clic clacs are such a wonderful addition to any arm bracelet stack that they’re an enormously popular collector’s item. Once you start, you just can’t stop (until you have one in every color to match your wardrobe). Luckily, both vintage and current Hermes bangles are available pre owned on a plethora of sites. You can go to reputable used Hermes sellers (like us and Sell Your Handbag) or another eBay dealer with nothing less than stellar ratings. You can also look at flash sale sites like Belle and Clive, who is hosting an Hermes sale today (that will probably be cleaned out by the time this post is published). Just beware that Hermes enamel bangles are one of the most illegally replicated luxury goods out there.

Even more than fake Rolex and fake Cartier, fake Hermes bangles abound online. Sometimes the dealers are upfront about their intentions “BUY FAKE HERMES ONLINE BEST LOOK FOR YOU CHEAP HERMES” pretty much lets you know that you’re paying for some downlow H goods. There are even legitimate accessories stores that we won’t mention by name but may or may not have been embroiled in nasty legal battles with their Palm beach Prep Queen ex-wife’s brand. We love that wonderful store, and they do offer enameled bangles with a variety of initials; we’re just not surprised that H is their most popular among budget fashionistas (and no hate no shame for savvy shoppers). However it’s the sheisters you’ve always got to look out for, the shady dealers who represent their totally faux Hermes as the real deal. Don’t get ripped off (in fact, we’re feeling a sudden urge to work on a “How to Spot Fake Hermes” post. Let us get back to you on that.)

The bottom line is: there are several venues for you to find a cheap (okay, less than retail) Hermes bangle by shopping preowned and vintage. Check out our favorites below.

Hermes Green, Yellow and White Vintage H Logos Enamel Bracelet Size 65

Hermes Green, Yellow and White Vintage H Logos Enamel Bracelet Size 65 $500 at RLJ


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