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Cartier Nails it with Just un Clou

After Cartier’s “Cartier and Aldo Cipullo, New York City in the 70’s” exhibition earlier this year, the hardware-inspired “Juste un clou” Cartier nail bracelet buzz keeps going strong.

Originally designed by Cartier’s in-house designer Aldo Cipullo back in the 70’s, this timeless piece of jewelry is much more than “just as a nail”. It is a statement.

Have you ever wondered where the whole nail idea came from? It’s actually a funny story. Back in the 70’s, Cipullo, the highly artistically oriented individual that he was, wanted to decorate his own Manhattan apartment by hanging pictures on the walls.  But when he asked around for a hammer and nails, he always got the same response from neighbors:

“Absolutely no nails!”

Sparked with rage, overwhelmed by creativity and obsessed to find the perfect comeback for this seemingly outrageous rule, Cipullo created one of the most successful collections within Cartier.

The design was founded on a simple philosophy: design has to be part of function, that’s the secret of success. Whether you are buying or selling jewelry, there has got to be some kind of use to your diamonds and jewels. It is not only a matter of décor.

It is no wonder then, that any piece from this unisex collection can be worn by anybody, wearing anything, going anywhere!

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