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The Top 7 Jewelry Trends of 2019

The Top 7 Jewelry Trends of 2019

jewelry trends 2019

We are already over a month deep into 2019, and the love for fine jewelry that reflects the times we are living in is stronger than ever.

Fine jewelry designs have been taking interesting and refreshing turns this year. By mixing vintage styles with modern to-the-ninth-degree, we have new trends to fall absolutely head over heels for in 2019.

jewelry trends 2019

In this article, we present the must-haves in the year ahead for all of our fashionable fine jewelry consumers.

To gather our picks for top jewelry trends, we analyzed what the women around us are craving in the here and now AND we reached out to our Rolodex of fashion jewelry designers and experts. Thus, we are confident that these are truly the biggest trends of the year.


These fine jewelry trends of 2019 are bold and creative, some subtle and others in-your-face, but all are clearly instant-classics that are sure to be a symbolic life long piece.

Without further ado, here are the most stimulating, biggest jewelry trends for 2019.

The Top Jewelry Trends 2019 – STYLES THAT ARE IN:

Note: You’ll notice many of the trends blend into one another, as there’s nothing sweeter than two or three trends in one. In any case, we will try our best to keep things clear, concise and in order.


jewelry trends for summer 


As we all know, chains have been around for a long time. They’ve had their place on top before. Just look to hip hop from the 80s and 90s to see clear examples of this. Sometime in the mid-2010s, they started creeping back to popularity, thanks in part to Celine then the many designer jewelry brands that followed suit.

Now, in 2019, chains land on the top of the list. You can be secure in knowing that this is a trend that’s not going to break any time soon.

What kind of chains are hot for spring and summer 2019?


jewelry trends for 2020

Gold chains are all the craving right now. However, chains of all different types are on fire too. Chains with pearls, chains with charms, chains, chains, chains.

They are being fashioned solo or layered in a messy manner.

Chunky chains are likely to be the best sellers in 2019 and 2020. These heavy metal, chunky link chains have been hitting fashion show after fashion show hard, making it clear that a larger statement piece around the neck should be on everyone’s style agenda.

But believe us, that doesn’t mean slimmer chains aren’t in, because they are. You can clearly see this by analyzing the celebrities that people generally look to for new jewelry styles. Influential people in the industry are rocking out with chains of all sorts.

It’s not just about necklaces either. Chains are being implemented into different types of jewelry. Check out this rose gold chain ring for example:

jewelry trends for millennials

KC Designs 14k Rose Gold 0.37ctw Diamond Chain Ring

This gorgeous heavy, white gold matte chain has a beautiful center pearl…which leads us to our next trend. PEARLS…

jewelry trends for spring 



jewelry latest trends


Pearls have been a favorite among women for a long, long time. That’s fact. But now, they are being introduced into jewelry in new, never-before-seen ways. Modern pearl jewelry is edgy. You’ll see asymmetrical designs, pearls and gold mixing with gemstones, and all different unimaginable-until-seen creations.

Undone yet pulled together looks are go-to right now. Not trying hard and letting your creativity shine is where it’s at – Sloppy is one thing, sexy sloppy is another.

Stunning pearl earrings, necklaces, and rings are going to be day-to-day options for many women. So, if you can get your hands on some new designs, don’t hesitate. They will get plenty of use.

On a side note, pearls are finding their way into other fashion industries too. Pearls have become popular embellishments for shoes, jackets, and handbags too. This means you can have amazing symmetry between your clothing and jewelry.

Pearl climbers are some of the best sellers. This screwback earclip creates that perfect luxuriously full look:

jewelry design trends


Freshwater pearls coming in different shapes and sizes, forming a multi-strand necklace – that’s two hot trends of 2019 in one as multi-strands are dominating:

hot jewelry trends


This takes the two-in-one trend of 2019 even further. Here we have a vintage choker with multi-strand pearls. Vintage, check; choker, check; multi-strands, check; pearls, check – That’s a 4-in-1 – Doesn’t get much more vogue than this:

hot jewelry trends 2019


Lariat necklaces are also super popular. Here we have the lariat necklaces with a beautiful Tahitian pearl (which is as beautiful as the sea it was pulled from) dangling from the end.

latest jewelry trends 2019

18k White Gold Round Diamond Heart & Tahitian Pearl Lariat Necklace


jewelry market trends

Tacori Sonoma Mist SB210 Dew Drops Bracelet

Beaded jewelry is a casual day-to-day style that’s turning a new leaf in the minds of fine jewelry designers. We are seeing beaded jewelry – actual beads and beaded motifs – being used in fine luxury jewelry more than ever now. They make for a smart, casual alternative to other fine jewelry designs.

Moving forward into 2019, we expect to see many women take the beaded approach. You know when French designer Jacquemus is pushing out beaded jewelry designs, the people will follow. And…that’s exactly what is happening.

Beaded jewelry evokes a sense of peacefulness in this topsy-turvy world we live in. They have something spiritual about them, offering a meditative feel, and it’s enticing women of all ages to jump on the bead train.

Tassels earrings have been a hot trend the past year or so, and we are seeing these kinds of statement earrings utilizing beads to their full potential in 2019. Expect to see these unexpected pieces on the most fashionable women you know.

These elegant, traditional-style tassel earrings by Officina Bernardi are a sophisticated piece to give a loved one or to add to your earring collection. This is an extraordinary accessory for a glamorous night out. The beaded and tassel mix should notch off anyone 2019 jewelry trend belt:

jewelry trends earrings

Officina Bernardi Platinum & 18K Sterling Silver Tassel Earrings

This Tacori beaded bracelet is an exquisite selection to sport casually or formally. The bracelet holding the beautiful dew drop beads is made of sterling silver and is charmingly handcrafted to perfection:

jewelry trends bracelets

Tacori Sonoma Mist Beaded Dew Drop Bracelet

Who does trends better than Tiffany & Co.? They don’t follow trends, they set them. This a gorgeous fine beaded necklace with a woven look. It’s made from 18k white gold and will look stunning with any low cut neckline, perfectly filling up space while bringing attention up to the gorgeous necklace.

jewelry trends tiffany

Tiffany and Co Bead Necklace 18k White Gold

Taking inspiration from all three jewelry trends mentioned so far, here we have a chain and pearl bead necklace. This is a classy piece that feels vintage but couldn’t be more contemporary in taste.

jewelry trends necklaces


Color (Gemstones & Fancy Colored Diamonds)

upcoming jewelry trends

14k White Gold 0.34ctw Multicolor Gemstone Narrow Stackable Band

A big wave is breaking in fine jewelry, it’s colorful and it’s powerful, and it’s washing through the industry like no other. Colors. Colors. And more COLORS.

Fine jewelry with vivid colors and strong patterns that pops are in high demand. This means fancy color diamonds and precious gems are all the fuss.

It makes sense in this colorful day in age that we live in. I mean, who doesn’t like to brighten up their day?

colored jewelry trend

18k White Gold 10.09ctw Fancy Yellow And Fancy Pink Diamond Halo Bracelet

The most popular shades are warm…more like fiery and spicy in fact – think vibrant yellows, pinks, and greens (like a hot pepper!). You are going to see fine jewelry with multiple colors lighting up rooms. We are talking 4-5+ different gemstones being mixed and match in one piece AND varying colors of the same palette with different settings, especially cluster settings, all across the map.

pink gem jewelry trend

We absolutely love it!

Get out of your comfort zone and be the queen (or princess) of color by rocking jewelry like these colorful fine jewelry pieces from Diamonds by Raymond Lee:

fashion jewelry trends

14k White Gold 4.07ctw Multicolor Gemstone Large Band

Taste the rainbow…

colorful vintage jewelry trends

14k Yellow Gold 58ctw Multi Color Sapphires And 1.40ctw Diamond Necklace


heart shape gold necklace


Heart shaped fine jewelry goes way back. We are talking Victorian-era way back. The queen herself was a big fan of heart motifs. So, this lovely trend isn’t anything new, but it’s as popular as ever in 2019. Heart cut gemstones and silhouettes are going to continue to be a firm fixture through spring 2019 and on. The heart shape may seem childish to some, but they’d be mistaken, this is a classic style with a supremely modern demeanor.

These black puff heart-shaped diamond earrings make it clear that hearts don’t have to be ”girly” and pink. You’ll see a lot more resolute designs this year and moving forward into 2020:

trendy jewelry 2019

18k White Gold Black And White Diamond Heart Puff Earrings

Hearts shape engagement rings are the perfect way to express your love in a creatively cute fashion:

wedding jewelry trends


We are seeing a wide assortment of heart-shaped jewelry, which goes to show women want to march to the beat of their own hearts.

Again, lariat necklaces are back and they are showing love to hearts as well. Lariat necklaces are great because they’re elegant and delicate, alluring and easy to wear, and they mix well with many other types of necklaces – messy necklace trend, you’re on!

heart jewelry trend

KC Designs 14k Rose Gold 0.30ctw Diamond Heart & Arrow Pendant Lariat Necklace

You take rose gold (on top of the precious metal game this year) and diamonds (a girls best friend), a beaded band with a heart shape motif, and you have a ring women desire like no other:

jewelry trends spring summer 2019

Yellow gold is also where it’s at this year. This ring is the perfect addition to any ring stack:


Gabriel & Co. LR51261W45JJ 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Stackable Heart Ring

If you can afford a fine set of earrings like this, you will blow people away. These heart-shaped emerald earrings are of the highest caliber – they are truly next level:

emerald heart earrings

Speaking of emeralds…


2019 jewelry statement pieces

Nothing says vintage like an emerald, yet at the same time, in the modern day in age, nothing says “top trend” like it either.

Emeralds have an undeniable history that dates back as far as 4,000 years ago, to the age of Babylon, the cradle of civilization. It’s a style that’s not going anywhere, ever.

Emeralds have been viewed as the “fancy” stone for hundreds of years, and something that the most prominent of women would wear on the most special of occasions. Thanks to the sensibility of designers and trendsetters, emeralds are making there way into everyday wear and so many different bijoux. The emerald trend is making a big bang across the globe.

emerald jewelry trend

If you have friends in the jewelry industry, you have already seen all of their newest emerald creations being flaunted on social. This incredible green color gem has been intensifying the jewelry industry the last couple of years and in 2019, you can expect to see it everywhere.
emerald bracelet

Fashionistas, VP’s of jewelry brands, and people all over the world recognize tradition and they are appreciating emeralds like no other. Emeralds have taken runway after runway by storm recently.

emerald necklace

They are more than just an expensive statement piece for certain occasions, they are now staples in a women’s jewelry arsenal for spring, summer, fall, and winter. They are even showing up in engagement rings.

2019 Trending jewelry

You can purchase an emerald piece and never worry about it going out of style. It’s a precious gem after all. It’ll be an estate piece that you pass on for generations.

Pear shape gemstones are super trendy. They are sometimes referred to as teardrop shape. The style is beloved for its beautiful silhouette that combines sharp edges with round curves. The cut allows the shape to remain extremely brilliant, shining brightly upon one’s appearance. It’s an impeccable shape for an emerald.

emerald trends


art deco jewelry trend


Every year, younger generations of women are increasingly hungry for vintage styles. “Vintage” isn’t as much a trend as it is a staple in fine jewelry.  it makes sense considering by definition vintage means a time that something high quality was produced, and everyone likes a high-quality look.

vintage earring styles


Now, not all vintage styles are going to be top trends at all time, although the majority will always be appreciated. As with the fashion industry as a whole, certain vintage features come and go in terms of popularity. Then they come back again. It’s the circle of life in the fashion world.

modern vintage style trends


What are we defining as the vintage trend for this year?

Well, firstly, many of this year’s trends that we’ve shown you above bring vintage flairs into new designs, and fine jewelry designers are always taking inspiration for new jewelry from vintage and antique pieces of classic jewelry eras. The most popular jewelry eras of 2019 are the Retro era, Art Deco era, and the Victorian era. We’ve pulled inspiration from these 3 eras when choosing the following vintage-style jewelry pieces (and actual vintage estate jewelry pieces) from our collection at Diamonds by Raymond Lee for the 2019 vintage jewelry trend.

vintage style trends 2019


About Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, Florida

diamonds by raymond lee boca raton

Diamonds by Raymond Lee (where everything is new and approved) and Raymond Lee Jewelers (the best estate jewelry options in the market) is your go-to boutique jewelry store in South Florida.

We are a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience in the fine jewelry industry. If you have any questions about the fine jewelry trends of 2019 or you want to learn more about a specific piece, please feel free to contact us any time. We would love to hear from you.

Final Note:

When purchasing a hot trend in the fine jewelry market, you can rest assured that the trend won’t change dramatically any time soon. In fact, in the fine jewelry industry, many trends will last a lifetime. This is due to the basic cost of raw materials, which is much different than the clothing industry, so it’s more of an investment than simply a purchase that you will no longer want in six months. If you fall in love with a piece of luxury jewelry, buy it and rock it with pride.
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