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Spring Jewelry Trends

Around the country, the Polar Vortex is finally winding down and giving way to warmer temperatures. Spring is waking up, and so is fashion. Pack up the parka; it’s time to pull out your floral frocks and pastels, accented with the latest trends in jewelry.

Cuff Bracelets

Ram’s Head Cuff (calling all Aries!)

Over the past few season stacked and layered bracelets have been a huge trend, and that’s not changing any time soon. But, this spring an old friend, the cuff bracelet, is invited back to the party. Big, bold cuffs have the height and drama of stacked bracelets in just one piece. Don’t think a cuff has to be a solo adventure; try layering it with a few smaller, thinner bracelets for an even bolder look. Oversized cuff bracelets are impact pieces that don’t need help, or competition, from big necklaces or earrings to pull an outfit together. Look for cuffs in either gold or silver with etched or hammered details.

Fringe & Tassels

Vintage Gold Tassel Fringe Necklace

From eclectic, bohemian fringe, to elegant, vintage tassels, these looks are all about movement. Swishing, swinging, swaying tassels and fringe are instantly eye catching. Plus, they are a flattering look since they have an elongating effect. Try a long, dangling tassel necklace over a basic, solid top for a bit of oomph. Or, pull hair back to display a pair of tassel earrings. Metallic golds and silvers are elegant and chic, while colorful, beaded versions are fun and funky.

Layered Necklaces

Why limit yourself to just one necklace when you can make several of your favorites work together? While trendy statement necklaces, which are going to stick around for many seasons to come, add drama in one bold piece, layering necklaces adds impact by teaming up a handful of smaller, more delicate pieces. Don’t be overwhelmed by trying to figure out which necklaces layer well together; there’s a simple formula to follow. First, throw on a short, choker style necklace that falls right at the base of the neck. This will be the thickest, heaviest piece. Then, add a mid-length chain of around 20 inches. Finish the look with a long, opera length, chain and pendant. Keep the look coordinated by sticking to just one tone, such as gold or silver, but have fun mixing and matching textures.

Pins & Brooches

Vintage Style Platinum 2.25 ctw Round Diamond Pin

Brooches and pins are classic jewelry staples that never really go away, though they haven’t been trendy in the past few years. But, they’ve rebounded and are back in a big way. Nature themed pieces, such as bees, birds, animals and flowers are especially on-trend and appropriate for spring. Best of all, brooches are completely versatile and can be worn in dozens of ways. Stick one, or several, on the lapel of a jacket for a traditional look, or use one to fasten a scarf. For an unexpected look, adorn a waistline with a glittering brooch, or use it as a hair accessory to brighten an updo. You can also attach a brooch to a basic chain or a strand of pearls for a custom necklace. Whatever you choose, a pretty pin or brooch is the perfect way to add a punch of personality to any outfit.

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