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Top 10 BEST Men’s Wedding Bands Metals

Top 10 BEST Men’s Wedding Bands Metals

men's wedding bands

When choosing a men’s wedding band, one of the most important factors is the type of metal. Metals have different properties which makes them more suitable for certain lifestyles and careers. They also differ in terms of appearance, which is a crucial aspect of selecting a wedding band for some men. You might only think of platinum, gold, and titanium when it comes to men’s wedding band metals, and although those are good choices, there are many other options on the market. Read through our top 10 best men’s wedding band metals to decide which metal is best for you.

men's wedding bands

Top 10 BEST Men’s Wedding Bands Metals

Here are the best metal choices for men. We’ve included the properties that make them perfect for men’s wedding bands, pros and cons, and if they can be resized or not. We will start with the most common ones and then move into the more uncommon.


Platinum is the most expensive of the metals on this list. It is a prestigious, white, mirror-esque metal, and one of the most popular types of metals for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Pure platinum bands have at least 95% platinum and they will have a marking to indicate its purity. The marking is usually stated in parts-per-thousand, rather than karats (like golds). For instance, a platinum piece with 95% platinum and 5% alloys will be marked “950” or “950PLT”, which indicates its platinum purity from a scale of 1000 points.

Pros: It is one of the most well-respected types of metals and something to be proud of, making it a super-luxe choice and a piece that will remain valuable for a lifetime. Moreover, platinum doesn’t tarnish, it doesn’t require polishing, and it doesn’t easily scratch. If you have an active lifestyle, platinum can handle the wear and tear. It is a practical investment as well. Out of all the precious metals, this one is the strongest.

Cons: It is more expensive than the other metals on this list.

Can it Resize?

Yes, platinum can be resized up or down quite easily.

mens wedding band platinum

Platinum Comfort Fit Men’s Wedding Band

2. GOLD:

Gold is and always has been the classic choice for men’s wedding bands.

There are three versions of gold for men’s wedding bands – yellow, white, and red.

Yellow gold is the classic, timeless option. If you like a subtle, warm glow, go for yellow gold.

White gold is a cool, modern choice. White gold is plated with rhodium, a relative of platinum, which is what makes it white. Sometimes rhodium plating needs to be replaced every decade or so due to wear (yellow will start to show in certain areas of the ring).

Rose gold offers that warm, vintage touch. If you like a unique look, rose gold would be a great way to achieve that.

All three are fantastic options.

Note: Gold wedding bands are never pure gold (24 karats) because pure gold is too soft and unsuitable for everyday wear.  So, gold bands should be purchased in 14 or 18 karat gold, meaning they are mixed with alloy metals to give them additional strength. Even an 18 karat gold band can bend and will scratch, so you can expect to have it polished and buffed every so often through its lifetime.

Pros: The classic choice. Gold is a beautiful metal and is the most coveted of all the metals in this list. Furthermore, gold will never lose its intrinsic value.

Cons: You’ll need to get it buffed and polished as it can scratch easily. Luckily, it’s just as easy to make it look brand new again.

Can it Resize?

Yes, yes, yes! It can resize very easily – up or down.

men's wedding band metals

White Gold Concave Black Diamond Wedding Band

mens wedding band white gold

14k White Gold High Polished Mens Wedding Band

mens wedding band yellow gold

14k Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Band

mens wedding band rose gold

Henri Daussi MB12 8mm Men’s Diamond Eternity Wedding Band


Sterling silver needs no introduction. Silver has been used in jewelry for thousands of years.

Pros: It’s the most inexpensive choice for men’s wedding bands. It has a gorgeous look when polished and fresh.

Cons: Silver requires a lot of upkeep, as it tarnishes and scratches quite easily. Wearing a silver ring daily takes its toll on this metal. However, it can be polished and cleaned just as easily as gold.

Can it Resize?

Yes, just like gold, silver is easy to resize and much less expensive to resize up as the cost of the additional metal is negligible. mens wedding band silver

 Silver Satin Finish Mens Wedding Band


Titanium is extremely popular for men’s wedding bands and an increasingly popular choice for jewelry in general. It can come in a white metal color or as a blackened hue, and you have options for different inlays, etchings, and various other details. This allows grooms to differentiate themselves all with the same type of metal.

Furthermore, it’s pretty damn cool that this is the metal of choice for aerospace and sporting industries.

Pros: It’s lightweight, strong and durable, which makes it both comfortable and easy to wear. Moreover, it’s nickel free, so it is hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant.

Cons: Although titanium rings are perfectly strong and durable, they are not scratch resistant (similar to gold or silver rings).

Can it Resize?

Again, titanium is a very strong metal, and with that hardness comes difficulty in working with it. So, resizing is possible but not always. You will have to ask your jeweler. Most jewelers are able to resize a titanium ring up but unable to resize it down.

mens wedding band diamond

Diamond Black Titanium Wedding Band


Ceramic is a very modern alternative to men’s wedding band materials. It’s known for its ability to never fade and its lovely glossy looks. Ceramic men’s wedding bands often have interesting, modern designs and incorporate other materials, such as carbon fiber and wood.

Pros: It is among the hardest materials in existence, so it makes it a very interesting option for men’s wedding bands. There are only a few things on this planet that can scratch a ceramic wedding band, which means it can maintain its exquisiteness and polished look permanently.

Cons: Ceramic is not sizable or bendable, so it can break if struck with enough impact against a hard surface.

Can it Resize?

Ceramic rings cannot be resized.

mens wedding band metals comparison

Black Ceramic And Wood Wedding Band

men's wedding band ceramic

Black Ceramic And Carbon Fibre Wedding Band


Cobalt metal is as white as platinum. And, cobalt rings are not plated at all, so the entire ring is made of that handsome bright white color, which will last forever.

Pros: Cobalt has a natural hardness so it doesn’t lose form and it can have a higher polish applied than metals like titanium. It is extremely scratch, chip, fade, and corrosion-resistant. Furthermore, cobalt has lower density and a natural malleability, thus it can have strong and dynamic designs with a lighter weight. Lastly, cobalt rings are more economically friendly than rings made of gold and platinum.

Cons: This type of metal doesn’t carry the same prestige as platinum and white, yellow and rose gold.

Can it Resize?

Cobalt rings can be resized.

mens wedding band black cobalt

Black Cobalt 7mm Wedding Band


Tungsten is a specially forged metal that is ideal for someone with an active lifestyle. It is a great ring metal for crafting inlays and color accents like opal and wood. Also, tungsten wedding bands can integrate laser engravings, imprints, and various custom details. Tungsten wedding bands are typically grayish-black, made from both tungsten and carbon. This material is referred to as tungsten carbide. It is a coveted ring metal for people who work with their hands, like construction workers, mechanics, carpenters, etc.

Pros: Tungsten is significantly harder than 18k gold – In fact, it is extremely hard and durable, like the hardest metal known to man. Bands made of tungsten are also virtually scratch proof, and it is completely resistant to abrasions. So, a tungsten wedding band will keep its form and polish for as long you live. Furthermore, it has a very luxurious weight to it, like platinum does, and it is hypoallergenic.

Cons: It’s not the best metal of choice to go with expensive gemstones or diamonds. Moreover, the bands are pretty heavy in weight.

Can it Resize?

No, tungsten bands can’t be re-sized.

mens wedding band tungsten

Tungsten And Carbon Fiber Wedding Band


The radiant white palladium is a close family member to platinum. It has similar features of white hue and high shine. Rings made of palladium often feature diamonds, gems and personalized engraving details. Palladium is a great choice for those with active lifestyles, as it is sublimely versatile.

Pros: Palladium is naturally white, as is platinum, so it will not fade. For men that want the appearance of platinum but without the cost, palladium is a great choice. Furthermore, palladium is lighter than metals like white gold, so it’s quite comfortable to wear.

Cons: It’s not as durable as platinum and much less durable than other metals like tungsten.

Can it Resize?

You’d think the answer to this would be a simple yes, but that’s not the case. Although rings like gold, platinum and silver are easy to resize, palladium is a bit more challenging. This is because palladium rings are made from a mix of two metals. So, being that palladium is an alloy, it is harder to work with. Contact your local jeweler to see if they can resize palladium rings.

mens wedding band palladium


Damascus steel is a famous kind of steel identifiable by its wavy and watery dark and light motif. People use to make weapons out of Damascus steel. They were much more superior than weapons made of iron. It was cherished for its ability to keep a sharp edge and remain hard yet flexible. All of this works well when you put it into the perspective of jewelry. Thus, we have Damascus steel wedding bands.

Pros: Damascus steel has a charming look. You won’t have to worry about smudges or stains. All in all, it is a very low maintenance kind of metal, which makes it appealing to most men.

Cons: Damascus doesn’t mix with chlorine. If you are swimming in a pool, you’ll need to remove your ring.  Also, if you have allergies to nickel, you shouldn’t buy a Damascus ring. It’s hypoallergenic in every other way, though, just not in terms of nickel as that can be one of the compositions used in the alloy.

Does it Resize?

Due to the durability of Damascus steel, this wedding band can’t be resized.

mens wedding band metals guide

Lashbrook Damascus Steel And 14k Yellow Gold Wedding Band

mens wedding band damascus

Lashbrook Damascus Steel Domed Euro Square Wedding Band


Zirconium is mainly used in nuclear reactors because of its corrosion and high heat resistance. So, if it is tough and chemically stable enough to build nuclear reactors, it’s definitely corrosion resistant enough for men’s wedding bands!

Zirconium is awesome for weddings rings thanks to its durability and powerful resistance to corrosion. In its natural state, zirconium metal is grayish-white.

It is like titanium in terms of its lightweight and friendliness to the skin. For men’s wedding bands, it can be mixed with other metal to produce a more pliable, yet still extremely durable alloy.

How does it turn black? After it is milled, it is heated and then the exposed part of the metal oxidizes black, which creates a black surface layer. This is why it is called Black Zirconium.

Pros: Extremely lightweight.

Cons: When the surface gets a deep scratch, the original white color becomes exposed.

Can it Resize?

Zirconium and black zirconium rings cannot be resized.

mens wedding band zirconium

Lashbrook Zirconium And Meteorite Domed Wedding Band

As you can see, it’s a great time to be a man shopping for wedding bands, there are more options than there’s ever been. This allows you to go beyond the simple standards of the past and choose a style that reflects your unique personality.

Shop men’s wedding bands.

If you have any questions about men’s wedding bands that you would like to discuss, please contact us. We are experts in the field. You can learn a little more about us below.

unique mens wedding bands

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