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Benchmark Mens Wedding Bands

Benchmark Mens Wedding Bands

Different types of mens wedding rings

When it comes to wedding rings, men’s choices used to be fairly limited. A yellow gold band, in varying widths was the most widespread option, and didn’t leave much room for personalization and customization. Today, the choices for mens wedding bands have greatly expanded to include a multitude of options that appeal to today’s groom. Whether you prefer alternative metals, like cobalt and titanium, or intricately carved bands, we’ve got you covered. Prefer stark, modern lines of the flat court style? Or the smooth, softer look of the halo? If we’ve totally lost you, fear not: we’ve got this chart to show the different types of wedding bands. This way you’ll know the lingo, and you’ll have an easy visual reference to exactly what you want – and what you don’t want. With designer mens wedding bands growing in popularity, your choices are virtually endless, with gorgeous, stylish rings that show off your personal sense of style in addition to your commitment.

We have a huge selection of mens wedding bands ranging from the vintage classic mens wedding bands to our cutting edge, stylish designer line Benchmark.

This stunning line of mens wedding bands shows off everything from basket woven white gold, to brushed rose gold. Satin finish, bright polish, textured and detailed mens wedding bands are Benchmark’s specialty. This is just a small selection of our online showroom’s dozens of Benchmark mens wedding bands. And with every ring available in a variety of metals, you can customize even further. Prefer the diamond studded, satin finish and bright polish band in the upper right in 18kt yellow gold? You got it. Want the rose gold in white? Done. That’s the beauty of designer mens’ wedding bands. But remember, these rings take time to order – so start shopping early!

It’s a good idea to visit the showroom with your fiancé to start shopping. You no longer need your wedding bands to match, but you may want to coordinate, or figure out what types of rings your budget allows. You can also try on the rings to get a feel for them – something you loved online might be uncomfortable once you actually try them on. This is a good opportunity to find out your ring size and to figure out if you are allergic to any metals!

It happens more often than you’d think – a guy who’s never really worn much jewelry before picks out a killer white gold wedding band. The couple custom orders it ahead of time, and it arrives a few days in advance of the wedding. When he comes to pick it up, it doesn’t fit: he indicated the wrong size. He’d gone to a random jeweler, and asked to be sized for a ring; pro-tip: don’t do this. If at all possible get measured at the jeweler you’re actually purchasing your ring(s) from. You’ll be sure to get the right size.

So, with two days to go before the wedding, we re-ordered the proper size for our groom, had it overnighted and he said “I do,” with a ring he loved and a ring that fit.

Another one of our grooms (who also had a sizing issue) found out two days into wedded bliss that he had a severe nickel allergy. He could barely get the ring off after his finger swelled, let alone ever get it back on. So the white gold band he’d chosen was out. Luckily, Benchmark offers that style in a multitude of metals, and choosing an alternative (non allergenic!) metal was no sweat.

So start shopping early. Get all the details right, then come to us to choose the ring wight he perfect details.


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