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2015 Engagement Ring Trends

2015 Engagement Ring Trends

Vintage style engagement ring

            The world is changing every day and new and innovative styles are popping up in the world of jewelry. That being said, there are a few different elements that have made their way into bridal jewelry sets that are innovative and really different. Knowing about the biggest 2015 engagement ring trends can make a huge difference when it comes to choosing the set that is right for you and that you really want to wear on your wedding day.

Vintage style engagement ring

  1. Vintage Makes a Comeback- though vintage pieces have always had some measure of popularity, these sets are now more popular than ever before. There are now tons of vintage sets that are more popular than any other variety. You can find sets that are new but that are inspired by vintage pieces. This may include a fun array of gem combinations, pearls, and metals that can help to make a truly eclectic set.

1 carat round brilliant engagement ring

2. Simplicity is King- though your wedding day is supposed to be extravagant and out there, it is now becoming more popular than ever to opt for simple sets. This could be something as easy to find as a solitary stone, a strand of pearls, or opting out of the whole bridal set all together. These are easy to find and are even easier to buy as they are often far less expensive than those glitzy pieces that were so popular before.

Floral Engagement Ring

3. Nature Comes Indoors- these are another great option as they are now more popular than ever. You can find pieces that are inspired by flowers, inspired by insects, animals, and more. These are stunning and can make for a very large statement without your even really trying. These are also very fun and can add a bit of whimsy to the wedding of your dreams.

Fancy yellow diamond engagement ring

4. Add Some Color- this is another great trend that makes for a very fun look. More and more brides are adding color to their bridal sets over the traditional diamonds and pearls. There are now sets that have the deep colors of fall, the bright colors of spring, and the stunning colors of winter. These are beautiful and can add a large number of visual interest pieces to your wedding.

Having a fantastic bridal set is one of the only ways that you can really draw attention to your wedding without having to change anything that you have already put together. With a great bridal set you can change up the look of your dress and entire wedding and can add some great visual interest that can really help bring your guests together and can really make for a beautiful overall look. Bridal sets have the power to completely change your overall look and can make anyone look completely different without really changing much about what they already have in place.


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