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Royal Oak Moonphase vs Offshore (Panda) Audemars Piguet

Royal Oak Moonphase vs Offshore (Panda) Audemars Piguet

royal oak audemars piguet yellow gold watch

The Royal Oak versus the Royal Oak Offshore. What are the differences between these two incredible Audemars Piguet watches? Both iconic collections from the world renowned luxury watch brand. Both of the ones featured here editions with their own special touches. First the Royal Oak men’s watch. In a stunning yellow gold this more classic approach to the watch features a moonphase. Meanwhile the Offshore, same as the Royal Oak? That is where you would be wrong.

The Royal Oak Offshore is a watch all on its own. The one featured here is made even more special since it is a special edition, the Panda. With a few extra touches that truly accentuate the Offshore’s more sportive style and design you can easily tell these two design styles apart. One is ready for your formal occasions while the other one really makes a splash with a colorful and modern look.

royal oak audemars piguet box

Reviewing the Royal Oak vs Offshore

We are going to review each one of these watches. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Royal Oak Offshore. We will show you the differences between these two stunning watches. As well as how an innovative and leading company like Audemars Piguet can design their iconic octagonal bezel for both work and leisure, formal or sportive, while always being a powerfully precise tool of the skies. Inimitable any AP Royal Oak watch is a true collectors piece.

Whether it is the Offshore or the Royal Oak each has its place in a gentleman’s collection. Plus when it comes to customizing these gorgeous watches your options are limitless. While the Panda Royal Oak Offshore is already unique we have got strap options that can change up your special edition piece. As well as give your more formal Royal Oak Moonphase a modernized and more sportive look and feel option too.

royal oak offshore audemars piguet panda dial

What is the same in the Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore

Now before we go into each one of the watches and what is different between them we thought we would share with you the similarities. What is the same in a Royal Oak and Offshore watch are the signature looks for these APs. They are the small details and features that set these watches apart and make them iconic pieces. It is always in the artistry of a delicately refined watch that we see its true quality and the passion behind its creators.

The pioneering spirit of the brand can be seen in the highly meticulously crafted tapisserie textured dial, the flagship octagonal bezel with visible accent screws, and the lugs generally connecting to the integrated bracelet or sportive rubber strap. They are both creative and innovative designs based on a foundation of tradition and excellence. As we know Audemars Piguet is a meeting of two spirits, tradition and innovation.

royal oak audemars piguet moonphase yellow gold

The tappisserie textured dial

Now a main feature that is the same in both the Royal Oak and the Royal Oak Offshore AP watches is the tapisserie dial. This textured waffle like pattern on the dial gives a distinctive feel to the watches. While it becomes more pronounced depending on the color of the dial and its corresponding sub dials or other face features it is a staple of the collections. The dial and its iconic motif are a piece of artistry. Dedicated time is taken to shape this component.

It takes approximately 7 hours to prepare the dial with expert know how. Further there are an incredible 12 stages involved in getting the guilloché pattern perfectly precise. The signature dial is complex and intricate with a 0.49 millimeter squared surface for each petite tapisserie square. Whether for a large or smaller dial the process is the same and dedicated craftsmen perfect them.

royal oak offshore audemars piguet panda

The octagonal bezel with visible accent screws

Possibly the most iconic of all of the features on an Audemars Piguet watch the geometric bezel is an eye catcher. Beyond the bracelet and thinness rather than thickness of the case the octagonal bezel is what makes a Royal Oak or Royal Oak Offshore instantly recognizable. Accentuating the unique design and large face of the watches the fixed bezel is a story all of its own. With eight visible accent screws the bezel also has a strongly masculine look.

Pronounced without being overtly showy it has the character of the Audemars Piguet style down pack. With the rounded corners and beveled edge it is still a sleek looking fixed bezel without compromising its more industrial bare bones look. For the gentlemen who are fearless and know where they stand. This feature of the Royal Oak and Offshore collection watches is the standard and it announces that with one look.

royal oak offshore audemars piguet panda

The lugs

Now when it comes to the lugs both of these watches feature the same ones. A very unique set of lugs believe it or not the Audemars Piguet watches have two lug attachments placed evenly apart on the case and connecting directly to bracelet. Different from most other luxury watch lugs these have their own unique shape. Complementary to the geometric design of the octagonal bezel as well as the brick style of the metal bracelets on some of the watches the lugs are part of those finishing touches.

Those final pieces and details that truly tie together the look of a luxury watch. While these are small and in true Audemars Piguet fashion very flat, they are strong. There is no concern with them jutting out and being uncomfortable with these either. It is another reason why the Audemar Piguet watch designs remain unparalleled in the fine watch industry.

royal oak audemars piguet moonphase yellow gold side view

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

The Royal Oak was an innovative and groundbreaking design launched by the Audemars Piguet brand in the 1970s. The day of the famed Swiss watch show, Baselworld, the luxury sport watch was unveiled. The striking bezel, accent screws and integrated bracelet showcased power and strength. Meanwhile the hand finish polish gave it a formal dress watch look. Inside the Royal Oak was and continues to be all sport. The caliber movements as always is a showcase of extraordinary talent and skill. Handcrafted strokes are assembled into the miniscule space provided by the thin sleek case. Meticulously put together the Royal Oak was the perfect hybrid. Part sport watch and part dress watch. It was a groundbreaking innovation that has since become synonymous with the brand. Just like the bezel the case and style are a signature of Audemars Piguet. Then came the next step in the evolution, the Offshore collection.

royal oak offshore audemars piguet panda in box

Audemars Piguet 26170ST “Panda” Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

The Royal Oak Offshore – Panda

Now the Offshore is 1 millimeter larger than the Royal Oak. A difference that you feel on a wrist watch. A striking sport look it accentuates the sporty features of the Royal Oak. A reimagining of the classic iconic watch the now wildly popular evolution of the Royal Oak was subtle. Firstly the rubber gasket that clads the Offshore is an automotive look added on. Further the chronograph feature also amped up the sport style of the watch. Accompanied by the pushers flanking the crown. These aesthetic changes playing with innovative and definitely nontraditional materials like rubber set the stage. From here we have seen special edition Offshores like the Panda featured here. As well as ones that pushed boundaries even further like the forged carbon watch. These aesthetic differences make the Offshore a far sportier watch with a lot of room to play with the rubber gasket clad features.

The Panda features a brushed steel case. Released in 2009 it has its 10 year anniversary this year. One of the most iconic Offshore watches it has a racing inspired dial. It is a silvered to white tapisserie face. The Arabic numeral hour markers are luminescent. Also this incredible series is discontinued. Get this exclusive watch on our site!

royal oak offshore audemars piguet panda clasp

What is the difference between the Royal Oak versus the Royal Oak Offshore?

You may have picked up on the subtle but strong differences between these two fantastic time pieces already. We thought we would break each one down further for you though. The most notable differences between the Royal Oak and the Offshore is their size. The Offshore is one millimeter larger. This slight difference makes a big impact on the diameter of the case of the Offshore giving it a sportier look. Also, in the crown and pushers, although they are both rugged like the unconventional exposed screws in the bezel these two models have slight differences. Now the crown itself is shaped like a screw with large flat bevels to make it easy to turn and ergonomic. Then ofcourse the dial features are also different. The Offshore has three sub dials and a date window located at the three o’clock hour marker. Meanwhile the Royal Oak has a moonphase dial.

royal oak audemars piguet moonphase yellow gold back view

The crown, push buttons and dial features

The Offshore being a sportier watch features push buttons that flank the watch’s crown. They are rubber clad in black and rounded in the same shape of the crown. However the crown bridge protector separates them nicely from the crown itself. So no matter what activity you are busy with your time piece is easy to use and sleek.

royal oak offshore audemars piguet panda back

Horus luxury watch straps

A great innovative option to personalise and change up your luxury watches, particularly sporty ones, are rubber straps. These rubber straps are interchangeable. They are ergonomic and perfectly shaped to fit luxury watch specifics like the Audemars Piguets. They fit snugly against the unique lugs. Meaning you keep your timepiece safe. For the gentlemen that do not accept the status quo and are the trend setters of our times Horus Watch straps offer alternative personalisation for luxury watches. Even for a classic piece like the Royal Oak watch you can give it a sportier edge. Either with a colourful rubber strap similar to the one on the featured Panda. Otherwise a pattern all your own like camouflage. The straps have surpassed expectations with high end aesthetic designs that are not just trendy but refined and edgy. No matter the trend, occassion or way you are feeling, there is a strap.

royal oak audemars piguet yellow gold watch

Where to buy an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida

If you are looking to buy luxury time pieces from brands like Audemars Piguet then Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the place. We carry a wide range of carefully curated luxury watches like the AP Royal Oak and the AP Royal Oak Offshore. Our focus is primarily on sourcing the finest and most highly sought after men’s watches. Particularly when it comes to limited and special edition pieces like the Panda.

There is something about an exclusive beyond cool men’s watch that just makes us love what we do. Our family has been in the fine watch and jewelry business for the last three decades. It is our passion and our commitment to offer superior service and the finest pieces available on the market for our refined clientele. We look forward to continuing on this journey alongside our South Florida community for the next three decades to come as well.

Buy an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or Offshore

If you are interested in buying any of the watches seen here in this article contact us online, through social media (linked below), give us a call at (561) 750 – 6744, or just drop by one of our stores. One of our watch experts will love to walk you through any questions about the piece. Also if you are interested in trying the watch on for yourself we can schedule a time for you to come by one of our welcoming show rooms. After all there is no better way to know what watch is truly for you than to put it on your wrist.

Let us know in the comments below if there are other watches you would like us to review or a set you want to compare. Whether it is a classic look like the Royal Oak or a more modern style like the Offshore, we have them for you.

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