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Sotheby's to Auction Most Valuable Pink Diamond

As recently reported in the Jewelers Circular Keystone Online and spread industry-wide by Raymond Lee Jewelers of South Florida, if you are a lover of diamonds and all things beautiful, you need to be aware of a wonderful diamond going up for auction. It has been announced that the great auction house of Sotheby’s is putting an…
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Obama Extends Burmese Ruby Ban

Even though there are reports that the import sanctions on gemstones may be a thing of the past, President Obama has kept the ban on Burmese rubies, despite progress in the former Burma, now known as Republic of the Union of Myanmar. An executive order was signed by the President on Wednesday prohibiting the import…
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Elizabethan Antique Jewelry Craftsmanship vs. Modern Jewelry Craftsmanship

While the world has advanced a great deal over the last several hundred years, antique jewelry still reflects a level of craftsmanship that rivals that of the best jewelers of this age. In fact, researchers are now convinced that jewelry manufacturers of the 1600s used technology and manufacturing methods that would rival those used by…
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Yup. Ke$ha's Making a Jewelry Line from Human Teeth

Young jewelry designers these days have been using some unique materials to fashion their masterpieces from. Bronze, malachite, agate, ceramics and even wood and glass are mixed in with precious or semi-precious stones. The designs bespeak lofty inspirations and ideas. Now Kesha (or Ke$ha) as she is better known by in the entertainment world has…
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Spotlight on: Lorenz Baumer

Passion and creativity are two of the characteristics that have led to Lorenz Baumer’s success in the world of fine jewelry design. He has designed stunning works for names like Guerlain, Channel, and Baccarat. He also designs pieces under his personal name as well. Baumer’s works of art range from rings and earrings to bracelets…
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The Majesty of Malachite

You might have noticed that malachite doesn’t get a lot of love among the gemstone world. Precious stones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires get most of the love in the jewelry world. And even semi-precious stones like opals, pearls and topaz seem to get a lot more attention than the deeply mysterious malachite. But, there’s…
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The Misconceptions Behind Precious & Semi Precious Stones

Diamonds, rubies, pearls, opals and sapphires. Though there’s no arguing over whether or not these stones are rare, beautiful and expensive, there is some confusion about which gems are precious and which are semi-precious. Do you believe that semi-precious stones are less valuable than precious, or more common, or lesser in any way? It’s a…
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Lily Cole Has High Hopes with her Sustainable Jewelry Line

We’ve all heard the ditty about the ant who thought he could move that rubber tree plant. As it turns out, the determined arthropod had a surprising amount in common with model/actress turned jewelry designer Lily Cole, who is equally committed to her singular objective: preserving the endangered rainforest. Cole recently debuted her jewelry line,…
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Spotlight On: Paraiba Tourmaline

The rarest gemstones are the most valuable, and usually the most beautiful as well. This is very true of the spectacularly rare and stunningly beautiful Paraiba tourmaline. It was in 1987 that Hector Barbosa, an audacious modern-day explorer had the gut feeling that something rare and beautiful lay hidden beneath Paraiba Hill, a spot near…
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Creepy Crawly Masterpieces by Hubert Duprat & Friends

Warning: The following post isn’t recommended for the squeamish or insectophobic. When we saw these beautiful pieces on The Gem Standard, at first we were blinded by turquoise…then we noticed the antennae. French artist Hubert Deprat found himself captivated by the behaviors of Caddis Fly larvae. The tiny bugs forage for bits and pieces in…
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Spotlight on: Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a green gemstone that is popular for use in jewelry. This fascinating green gem is form of rare quartz. It can be found in varying shades of green, from an apple green to a very dark almost emerald green. It contains traces of nickel, which is what creates its green hue. It has…
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Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Art Deco Ruby Ring Fest

We love Art Deco style. We love rubies. So when we combined the two to create vintage inspired Art Deco ruby ring designs set in platinum, we knew we’d created some great unique engagement rings. We paired the ruby accents (some might call them halos) with some of our favorite marquise stones. Some are light…
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Spotlight on: Bayco

Bayco is a new name in the jewelry industry, but brings along old generational values. Amir Hadjibay began his dream of acquiring jewelry through trading woven Persian rugs, in exchange for beautiful gemstones. Years later Amir relocated to Italy began to build a portfolio, by using his experience and contacts in the jewelry industry. After…
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Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Gemstone Engagement Rings

Today we’re all about color! While a pure, sparkling diamond never, ever loses its lustre, sometimes we’re just drawn to the vibrant and rich luxury of gemstone engagement rings. Rubies and sapphires add a bright pop of color that announces to the world “Yes I am getting married!” And colored gemstones make for gorgeous unique…
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Hong Kong International Jewelry Show: Arnav Jewels

Arnav jewels shows off some of the most exquisite jewelry India has to offer. Intricate gold jewelry studded with precious gems, beautiful diamonds and more can all be found in the Arnav Jewelry booth. Arnav specializes particularly in rose cut diamonds. They also manufacture custom jewelry and original jewelry. Arnav pieces are handmade and set…
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