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Lily Cole Has High Hopes with her Sustainable Jewelry Line

Lily Cole Has High Hopes with her Sustainable Jewelry Line

We’ve all heard the ditty about the ant who thought he could move that rubber tree plant. As it turns out, the determined arthropod had a surprising amount in common with model/actress turned jewelry designer Lily Cole, who is equally committed to her singular objective: preserving the endangered rainforest.

Cole recently debuted her jewelry line, featuring sustainable, modern pieces made of rubber sourced directly from Brazil. And we’re not talking about the brightly colored jelly bracelets that come to mind when you hear the words “rubber jewelry.” Rather, these minimalist pieces feature clean lines, understated hues, and a striking contrast between gold-toned metal and wild rubber. The result is a signature look that is as stylish as it is substantive.

Cole hopes to generate a market for rubber sourced in the rainforest in order to promote the preservation of the endangered land by establishing its financial viability. She explains that it currently costs more to produce wild rubber because the process is less industrialized than with plantation rubber; however, if the line is a success, it has the potential to provide significant incentive to encourage wild rubber trading and stop the damaging deforestation.

Already, the eponymous line is in great demand among the style set: after just one day up for sale at stylishpick.com, the affordable collection–priced between £10 and £25–completely sold out. More are coming soon, so you’ll get your chance to own the gorgeous pieces, while also doing your part for the planet: all profits from Lily Cole sales benefit Sky Rainforest Rescue and the WWF.


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