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Spotlight on: Lorenz Baumer

Spotlight on: Lorenz Baumer

Passion and creativity are two of the characteristics that have led to Lorenz Baumer’s success in the world of fine jewelry design. He has designed stunning works for names like Guerlain, Channel, and Baccarat. He also designs pieces under his personal name as well. Baumer’s works of art range from rings and earrings to bracelets and necklaces, and he typically incorporates semi-precious stones as well as pink, yellow, and white gold into his designs.

Baumer obtained an engineering degree from a renowned school in Paris, and this background has influenced him as a designer. He strives for coherence is all his works and describes his work as the intersection of architecture and poetry. In addition to this, Baumer’s works are influenced by his love of nature and says his wife is a source of his inspiration as well.

Baumer has created some truly unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry throughout the years. For example, his “Bracelet Legume” with 85 carats of amethysts. Attention to detail is apparent in this piece, as a tiny lady bug surrounded by vegetables is seen upon closer inspection. He has also designed an elegant white gold and diamond ring that hides a pillbox on the underside, as well as a brooch with bejeweled wings that, upon opening, can both absorb and release perfume.

But Baumer’s crowning achievement may just be his “Foam of Diamonds” tiara that he created for Princess Charlene of Monaco. This piece took Baumer thousands of hours to create as he incorporated 11 pear-shaped diamonds as well as other calibrated diamonds surrounded by grey gold into the design. His inspiration for this piece derived from his love of the ocean, or more specifically, “the breaking wave.”

Baumer’s dedication to his craft is apparent, as some of his pieces take up to a few years to complete. If you are interested in purchasing one of his works, you can expect to pay anywhere from $4,400 to $297,000.


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