Kim Kardashian’s Mysterious "Tiger Stripe Diamond" Push Present

The blogosphere is abuzz with the recent news that Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian a lavish push present that cost more than most people’s houses. The rare black diamond and “tiger stripe diamond” ring is said by some to be an engagement ring. Though reports are still out as to whether this ring is something more than a congratulations for giving birth to their first child, North, it certainly does seem significant.

The ring is said to have cost around $770,000 in total and is rather hefty in weight. Though details are still scarce, the ring is an impressive nod to the fame and fortune of the press worthy couple. For those that do not know what a push present is, this is a gift that fathers generally give their significant others after the birth of their child. The tradition dates much further back than the royalty of Hollywood even as far back as Napoleon and Josephine. This tradition was common among royalty to mark the birth of royal heirs to the throne and Napoleon was known to give his wife something special and incredibly expensive with the birth of each of their children.

This is not the first pricey gift that Kanye has given Kim in the past year, a Cartier panther bracelet modeled after vintage jewels, to a wide array of bangles, Kanye certainly spares no expense when it comes to his lady. The ring is just one of many gifts that are sure to follow as their relationship grows and matures and perhaps eventually ends in marriage. Though the reality star is staying hush hush about the significance of the ring, there is no doubt that it is impressive, and meant to be so. As soon as there are more details, you can be positive that we’ll let you know.

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