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The Majesty of Malachite

The Majesty of Malachite

You might have noticed that malachite doesn’t get a lot of love among the gemstone world. Precious stones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires get most of the love in the jewelry world. And even semi-precious stones like opals, pearls and topaz seem to get a lot more attention than the deeply mysterious malachite. But, there’s no need for that any longer. This beautiful mineral is making a name for itself, and even designers are leaning in. Here are just a few of the awesome features of malachite.

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What is Malachite?

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. That’s not super important, but what is important is that that means it’s a beautiful deep green color, much like the patina you see on aged copper. You love patina, right? It’s a coveted look that many buildings, sculptures and other objects utilize (or even fake) for a look that changes over time.

Malachite used to get more respect from people. In fact, artists loved the color so much they often made paints out of it. They only stopped using it for pigment in the 1800s. And, royalty and the wealthy recognized the beauty, too. There are gothic-era jewels and accessories that incorporate malachite into their designs.

Malachite’s Meaning

Malachite is said to be the guardian stone of travelers. It’s also said to offer protection to children, especially from accidents. Its name derives from the Greek word describing the Mallow plant, which has a rich, green color.

Modern Malachite

High-end designers have started to recognize that what artists and affluent members of society used to know still holds true today. That variable deep green (which spans lighter, grassy greens to engrossing shades of the darkest emerald) is unique, stunning and perfect for jewelry.

Malachite is an amazingly beautiful mineral. It’s still utilized today by Native Americans, crafters and small jewelers. It’s an affordable mineral that is just now seeing its turn in high society. Van Cleef & Arpels has already used the swirling stone in its Lucky Alhambra necklace. No doubt, many other labels will be following suit.


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