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Hublot Opens its First Italian Flagship Store

If you are a fan of the Swiss based Hublot company and their watches, you may be interested to know that they will be expanding their operation soon. The noted fashion designer has opted to open a branch in Italy soon. This is a major move for the company for many reasons. It is a…
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Arts and Crafts Jewelry Era

Arts and Crafts Jewelry Era If you are going for a classic look, nothing says sophistication and class better than the right piece of jewelry from the Arts and Craft Era. This vintage jewelry brings back a bit of the 19th Century, and wearing it can make you feel a bit like you’ve stepped out…
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Nail Art + Raymond Lee Jewelers Rings

Nail art is one of the biggest trends sweeping the beauty world. On Pinterest & Tumblr, there are entire accounts dedicated to nail art inspiration and decorated digits. We think nail art is a fun way to express your creativity – especially when paired with any of our gorgeous vintage rings, estate rings or antique…
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Spotlight On: Art Deco Earrings

Art deco is an eclectic style that reflects a mixture of cultural movements and artistic designs from around the world and throughout history. Paris, forever a mecca for artists and designers is the birth city of art deco. The art deco style originated during the 1920s, a time when modern transportation begin to move the…
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Spotlight On: Art Deco Jewelry

Today we’re taking a step back to an era that holds a lot of historical value in the U.S.; many know it as The Roaring Twenties. A moment in time that gave a new personality to the country, the 1920’s were clad with flashy flapper fashion and foot-tappin’ jazz music. It was during this time…
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