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Spotlight On: Art Deco Earrings

Spotlight On: Art Deco Earrings

Art deco is an eclectic style that reflects a mixture of cultural movements and artistic designs from around the world and throughout history. Paris, forever a mecca for artists and designers is the birth city of art deco. The art deco style originated during the 1920s, a time when modern transportation begin to move the corners of the world closer together. Today art deco design is reflected in industrial and architectural design and visual and graphic art. Fashion and jewelry styles have not been left out of the art deco movement, even though it may be easier to detect art deco design in a building or a painting.

Cubism and Neo-classical Art Influence

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The influence of the cubism art movement can be seen in a pair of Raymond Lee Jeweler’s art deco style white gold diamond earrings. The 1.40 ctw of baguette and round diamonds are like a diamond presented in abstract form. The diamond is the subject of this art work, and it has been recreated to represent multiple view points and dimensions. The simplistic and harmonious design is synonymous with the neo-classical architectural design.

Greek and Roman Influences

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The Raymond Lee vintage style diamond flower design drop earrings beautifully reflect a mixture of fantasy and realism. The Roman art style, which was both functional and visual, greatly influenced art deco. The texture is reminiscent of ornate Greek sculpture that almost seems to tell a story.

Modernism and Futurism Influences

Vintage 14K White Gold, Diamonds and Pearl Screwback Earclips, vintage pearls

The 14k white gold diamond and pearl screw back earclips from Raymond Lee Jewelers definitely show modernism art’s movement toward abstract expression. New lines and fresh ideas have been experimented with to successfully create a look that belies tradition. The design and flow of lines suggest movement and speed that is associated with the futuristic movement in art design.

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