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Arts and Crafts Jewelry Era

Arts and Crafts Jewelry Era

Arts and Crafts Jewelry Era

If you are going for a classic look, nothing says sophistication and class better than the right piece of jewelry from the Arts and Craft Era. This vintage jewelry brings back a bit of the 19th Century, and wearing it can make you feel a bit like you’ve stepped out of a Jane Austen novel, or perhaps something by the Bronte sisters.

While almost any jewelry store or jewelry department may have the occasional cameo available, really looking at jewelry sold by those who specialize in pieces from the Arts and Crafts era, or vintage jewelry in general is more likely to get you a unique piece that will make the wearer feel special.

Besides Cameos, usually made of porcelain, Arts and Crafts Era jewelry comes from a design movement that happened between 1869 and 1910, with some carry over into the 1930s. Inspiration for the designs was taken from the art and writings of William Morris, John Ruskin, and Augustus Pugin. The first designs in the style were created in the British Isles, and focused on the expert craftsmanship with traditional forms such as medieval styles, symmetrical geometric shapes, vines, leaves, birds, and simple flowers. In the middle of an otherwise Industrial age, the art style sought to be more anti-industrial, and reflected a certain sophisticated folkishness . By using materials such as brass, silver, ceramics, faceted cut gemstones, and lace this vintage style seemed vintage even when it was new.

With this classic feel, and the deep roots that the Arts and Crafts era brings, it really is impossible for these pieces to go out of style. Almost every piece has the ability to catch an eye, and make the wearer feel special, and even a bit like royalty. These pieces are a perfect complement to a wedding dress, or a little black dress, They can make you feel as beautiful as what you’re wearing.

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