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Spotlight On: Art Deco Jewelry

Today we’re taking a step back to an era that holds a lot of historical value in the U.S.; many know it as The Roaring Twenties. A moment in time that gave a new personality to the country, the 1920’s were clad with flashy flapper fashion and foot-tappin’ jazz music. It was during this time that “Art Deco” jewelry surfaced—ever since it was first introduced in the Parisian Fair, Art Deco has continued to influence modern pieces of jewelry.

One way to spot Art Deco jewelry is to look for many gemstones arranged in a geometric design. Another surefire characteristic of these pieces are the beautiful, bold colors. Many of these details are reminiscent of what made the Twenties “roar,” so to speak. With the rise in mobility in both automobiles and airplanes, speed was a big factor for those living in this era, resulting in Art Deco jewelry having speed motifs such as cars and arrows. In addition to these motifs, there was also an Egyptian influence because of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1923.

One might think that these historical influences would put a timestamp on Art Deco jewelry, but the pieces are absolutely timeless. Many Art Deco pieces can be modernized from what was seen in the Twenties, but there are also authentic pieces still floating around; both types are equally as stunning, it is simply up to the buyer which type he or she would rather have.

Because these pieces can catch a lot of attention, popping on an Art Deco ring could rejuvenate an old look and make it completely new.

Not a big fan of rings? The collar style of this necklace shows the Egyptian influence because of its thicker appearance. Similar to what King Tut may have been adorned with, this piece is an instant touch of royalty.

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