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Supreme x Louis Vuitton Custom Wrapped Ferrari 488 GTB

This past month, Miami’s leading wrap firm, MetroWrapz, and esteemed artist, Rene Turrek, ganged up to create a carbon fiber custom wrapped Supreme Louis Vuitton Ferrari 488 GTB. We are here to give you the lowdown on this Supreme x Louis Vuitton Ferrari 488 GTB, which is owned by South Florida entrepreneur, Luis Jimenez.

A Ferrari, Supreme, and Louis Vuitton collab is not a new phenomenon, but it’s never been done with this caliber of artistry and craftsmanship.

From the owner and the Ferrari itself, to the custom carbon fiber wrap and Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collab, to the wheels and exhaust, we are now going to tell you all about this one-off custom Ferrari 488 GTB


Let’s start off with the man of the hour, Luis Jimenez, the proud owner of this enrapturing LV Supreme Ferrari 488 GTB.

Luis is a family man who enjoys traveling and the finer things in life. He is exceptionally motivational, inspirational and positive. His vibes are absolutely electrifying. Just check him out on Instagram and you will see all types of “luxury” and “lavish” done in the most humble way.  

From Richard Mille watches to unforgettable experiences, Luis is clearly living his best life. This is all made possible thanks to hard work. Luis has an immensely successful business called Coastal Elevator. 

And on top of all that, one of Luis’ favorite avocations is cars. He owns the highly sought-after Porsche GT3RS, and the feature of this post, the Ferrari 488 GTB…both of which are custom wrapped and upgraded in various ways. 

If you live in South Florida, keep your eyes peeled, as you may very well catch a rare sighting of Luis in his Supreme Louis Vuitton Ferrari 488 GTB tearing up the street in a luxurious fashion…

Now, let’s discuss all of the customizations Luis Jimenez’s badass whip has undergone. 


The Ferrari 488 GTB is the newest mid-engine Ferrari and the successor to the Ferrari 458 Italia. This exotic two-seater is more than jaw-droppingly sexy, it is extraordinarily powerful too. 

Shaped for quintessential aerodynamics, the 488GTB turns up the heat like never before thanks to its mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.9-liter V-8. It is undoubtedly capable of tearing up the road with equal ferocity of its rivals the McLaren 720s and the Lambo Aventador. 

The Ferrari 488 GTB produces a booming roar as its savage acceleration ramps up to 8,000 rpm, allowing it to achieve 661 horsepower. To further impress, with its seven speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, this gorgeous beast can hit 0-62 mph in 3 seconds, 0-124 in 10.45 seconds, and a top speed of 205 mph. 

As for the interior, it is every bit as impressive as its road performance and flowing exterior design. It features leather, suede, carbon fiber and metal accents. Every nook and cranny of this racy, driver-centric cabin is executed with ravishing, picture-perfect expertise.

Now, it goes without saying, this Ferrari 488 GTB has few pronounced and striking customizations that make it unreservedly unique to owner Luis Jimenez…


If you are a hypebeast, Supreme head, or simply just into streetwear and its influences in luxury fashion, then you know about the gloriously illustrious and celebrated collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme. 

The initial LV and Supreme collab launched in 2017 in Miami, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo. The pair created all types of fashion streetwear, thus merging the audiences of the two mammoth brands together. 

Shortly after, a collaboration between Supreme, LV and Ferrari took place. Most notably when a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was custom wrapped with an LV and Supreme design…

The most recent combination of these three iconic brands shows its face with Luis Jimenez’s newly custom wrapped LV and Supreme Ferrari 488 GTB. 


The concept for this spectacular LV and Supreme custom wrap design was created by the highly talented artist Rene Turrek.

Who is René Turrek?

René is a globally celebrated, deep-rooted artist from Germany. He specializes in Urban Graffiti, Lifestyle Art and “Art Cars”. His artwork can be seen around the world, from Miami, New York and LA to Berlin, Amsterdam and Abu Dhabi, in the form of murals, canvasses, luxury items, and probably most notably now, exotic cars. With each genius stroke of his paint brush, Rene Turrek is transforming the world of customized luxury and exotic vehicles.

His more recent creation being this White Carbon Fiber LV Supreme Red Ferrari 488 GTB, which he accomplished in collaboration with South Florida’s highly-esteemed and premiere vehicle wrap firm MetroWrapz.


The wrap job was done by Metro Wrapz (@metrowrapz). 

The driver side of the car features a legion of classic and iconic Louis Vuitton logos. While the passenger side displays one large “Supreme”. 

What’s more, there is a common theme of dripping paint across the entire car to give it a modish urban graffiti feel. It also illustrates the coalescing of the two brands.

Now, you can’t tell from a from a distance, but much of the design work uses carbon fiber vinyl wraps. This is the highest quality material you can use when wrapping cars…

All in all, the final result of this creation by MetroWrapz and Rene Turrek is a stunning, supremely (pun intended) exhibition and picture worthy custom Ferrari 488 GTB. The perfect exotic for a top brass car enthusiast like Luis Jimenez.

Special accolades goes to @polmazz at MetroWrapz for leading this project. The whole MetroWrapz team deserves the highest commendation for doing such an outstanding job. 

“Every special needs a special Key…. A @louisvuitton Key designed by @polmazz
– Luis Jimenez
About MetroWrapz

MetroWrapz is South Florida’s preeminent wrap firm. Their wraps are by far the best in the business. If you have any question about that, simply check out their Instagram

MetroWrapz turns visions and ideas into reality with their astonishing, modern designs and creations. Moreover, they use the best materials in the industry to create their flawless works of art, and they do it on vehicles of all types. 

They are the back to back global winner of Avery Dennison’s “Wrap Like a King”. And they are the wrap firm that all the largest brands in South Florida choose.

“Our Wrapz Create Hype”
– MetroWrapz


Don’t be mistaken, this Ferrari 488 GTB doesn’t just have a dope white carbon fiber LV x Supreme wrap, it also has VXS00 monoblock gloss polished gold wheels by Velos Designwerks (@velosdesignwerks). The impressive gold wheels are the perfect finishing touch for this incredibly unique 488 GTB. 

What are VXSOO wheels?

VSXOO wheels are a modern version of traditional mesh style wheels. The long-established mesh wheel has always been considered one of the strongest wheel designs. This is why they are so popular in motorsports.

However, as wheel diameters have grown over the years, the traditional mesh wheel has become one of the heaviest options on the market. So, the VSX series takes the classic mesh look and makes it lighter and more durable by using technological advancements in machining and design. What’s more, not only do VSX wheels give the car that high end custom mesh wheel style that the motorsports world loves, they also improve performance as they are lighter than factory equipped wheels and, as mentioned, traditional mesh style wheels. 

What are monoblock wheels?

Monoblock wheels are one-piece wheels, so they are forged into a single part without any removable pieces using 6061-T1 aluminum alloy.

What are the benefits of Monoblock Wheels?

Monoblock wheels are the lightest of any custom forged rims. Because of this, monoblock wheels help to decrease the load, which gives the vehicle greater acceleration and lateral grip, along with faster braking and increased full efficiency. 

So, it’s not all about a striking appearance when it comes to the VXS00 monoblock gloss polished gold wheels, it’s about performance as well. 


Taking performance to an even higher level and enhancing another one of our five senses is a Kline Exhaust System

The Kline exhaust system gives this Ferrari 488 GTB a sonorous wail that you can feel in every bone of your body when going balls to the wall.

The exhaust system is crafted from premium F1 grade Inconel 625 super alloy. So, not only does it give the 488GTB a special tonal roar, it also greatly reduces weight…

What’s more, the Kline exhaust system is more than capable of going stealth. When cruising, the Kline exhaust system brings the Ferrari 488 GTB into stealth mode thanks to its valvetronic design. By using the equipped stock valve control system and the two 488-specific consonantly-tuned micro silencers, this LV Supreme supercar can cruise in silence, with no cabin resonance…

…and then….UNLEASH WITH A SAVAGE SCREAM when accelerating and all valves are open.  

It doesn’t get more galvanizing that a Kline exhaust system, so it was an obvious choice for Luis’ exclusive Ferrari 488 GTB. 

Luis recently took his Supreme x Louis Vuitton Ferrari 488 GTB to @exoticsonlasolas exhibition. If you are lucky, you might catch him and his Haute 488GTB at another South Florida car show – such as Diamonds and Donuts 😉


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