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Selling Gold In Boca Raton? 9 Horrible Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Selling Gold In Boca Raton? 9 Horrible Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

The gold market is rebounding, and gold owners are beginning to take advantage of the situation to sell their gold jewelry items at lucrative prices to meet their retirement needs and settle other costs. Some of the items people are selling include gold watches, gold jewelry, gold rings and gold fillings. However, many people, including savvy sellers and people who are new-to-the market are falling prey and making horrible mistakes that cost them hundreds to thousands of dollars.


Selling gold requires you to understand a lot of things, including the right buyer, knowing the value of your gold, the fair market price among other issues. Getting over these aspects and making the most from the sale of your gold items can seem daunting, especially if you are new to this business.

Most people do not have the slightest idea about how valuable their broken jewelry may be and how to turn that value into monetary units. Here are top 9 mistakes you don’t want to make when selling your gold jewelry in Boca Raton area.

Gold Selling Mistake #1: Ignoring or not bothering to find out what your jewelry is worth

Most first-time sellers don’t bother to ask what their item’s worth is. While it may not be possible to sell your gold items at a price listed on the latest financial report, you want to be sure that you’re selling your pieces at a fair price. For example, people who know the worth of their gold items end up recouping over 70% of the listed price on their items. Therefore, failure to check out the prices on the market can impact negatively on the price you can sell your items. Asking a local jewelry store to weigh the gold jewelry for you can help you know the best price for a known amount of gold. However, make sure the shop is genuine and reputable, as unscrupulous stores may want to cash on your lack of knowledge to pay you a lower price than what you would fetch from the market.

Gold Selling Mistake # 2: Not Knowing the Value of Your Jewelry Scrap

Other than the content of gold, the value of your gold jewelry may be determined by the design. Some shops may decide to ignore the intricate designs of your jewelry while others do pay without necessarily basing on the quality but rather the designs that set your pieces apart. If you think you value the design and need to cash on it, you should find where to sell diamonds in Boca. Ideally, you want to see diamond buyers in Boca Raton who value every aspect of your item, point them out and be prudent to pay a premium price for based on the notable aspects.

Gold Selling Mistake #3: Not weighing your Gold jewelry

The weight of gold jewelry is a critical factor that determines what price your gold will fetch. The price of gold is pegged on a “per ounce” basis. Therefore, when you fail to determine the actual weight of your pieces, you may end up throwing a substantial amount of money away without knowing. Many people assume that gold has a standard price, but this is not always true. What is true is the standard price per ounce may be standard based on the market variables and the purity of gold you are selling.

Gold Selling Mistake #4

Taking shortcuts to sell your gold: Many people do not want to engage in a lengthy process, thus embark on exploring the shortest routes of getting fast cash on their gold. For example, running to a local pawn shop or retail store to sell your valuable items can lock you from getting the best deals. This is one major way of losing big money so easily, and you don’t want to lose your hard-earned investment in a single day or hours. Usually, retail buyers would want to buy at the lowest price possible and resell to gold refiners at a mark-up price. Therefore, exploring opportunities on the market can increase your potential earnings.

Gold Selling Mistake #5: Selling to the first buyer

It has become very easy for people to shop and pay for gold online. A reputable buyer can send you a check in a few days after sending you a mailer. It is worth shopping the right buyer from your local or virtual shop that is willing to pay a better price on your gold. While finding a buyer who can pay a good price may be long, amount of money you can get is worth the wait time.

Gold Selling Mistake #6: Not Involving an expert

If you’ve never sold gold scrap jewelry, you are certainly wondering what to do or how to start the process. This task is obviously daunting and requires you to consult widely from experienced individuals who are willing to give you the right information. Why? Well, you need to know where to sell your gold, how you can sell, and things you need to do or avoid making the most from your sale. Selecting the best buyers, knowing the karat of your gold scrap, and evaluating whether you are getting value for your gold is not easy. Ensure to use an expert to help you sell your gold items.

Gold Selling Mistake #7: Selling for the Wrong Price

As the gold market continues to pay off for people selling gold, every gold seller wants to gain the most out of their inventory. Setting the price for your gold too high can deter prospective buyers from making their bids. You should make sure to research and allow buyers to make their bids before you can decide on the best buyer with the highest price. On the flipside, setting your price too low can make potential buyers think that your gold jewelry has less value or low purity levels, or that you are not disclosing something important about your inventory.

Gold Selling Mistake #8: Not Doing Research

To the inexperienced, selling gold can be daunting and a bit intimidating. However, taking your time to research your buyer and the market can make the process less intimidating. You need to take some time to learn more about the items you intend to sell and the chains or stores that offer the best. Know what the karat in your jewelry mean. You can also learn how to cut your gem to make more out if you want to sell wedding rings in South Florida.

Gold Selling Mistake #9: Not Knowing Different Items

The value of gold has significantly increased over the last decade, which has made old and antique jewelry an ideal way of making extra cash for people who need it to take care of their essentials. Whilst there is no standard way of measuring which buyer is the best, you need to know which buyer will be willing to pay for what you own. Therefore, not knowing what you want to sell can be used to your disadvantage. It is possible to get more if you have determined the actual condition of your assets.

By avoiding the above mistakes many sellers make, it is possible to gain more money when you sell jewelry in Boca Raton.


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