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Selling Gold In Boca Raton? 9 Horrible Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

The gold market is rebounding, and gold owners are beginning to take advantage of the situation to sell their gold jewelry items at lucrative prices to meet their retirement needs and settle other costs. Some of the items people are selling include gold watches, gold jewelry, gold rings and gold fillings. However, many people, including […]

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How to Build a Jewelry Collection

Starting a new jewelry collection, for those of you that are beginners, should require a fair amount of research and consideration. While a majority of women have an eclectic mix of jewelry for the seasons as well as a mix of costume and precious jewels, it’s important to consider some key factors in your collection. […]

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Tips for Selling Jewelry

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching and it’s a great time in the marketplace to purge your old jewelry. Gold is currently trading at between $1,700-$1,800 per ounce, diamonds aren’t being mined as quickly as yesteryear making them in great consumer demand. If there was ever a time to make some extra money off of the jewelry […]