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What To Do with Break Up Jewelry

Whether you have been in a relationship for thirty days or thirty years, it is a good possibility that you have received a few pieces of jewelry as gifts throughout the relationship. If you were engaged or married, you most likely also have an engagement ring and/or a wedding ring as well as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. One of the biggest dilemmas many people experience after a break up is what to do with the jewelry.

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Most people have the same thought when it comes to an ex: getting rid of everything your ex ever gave you, including the jewelry. As easy as it would be to simply toss your engagement ring or wedding ring down the garbage disposal or in the closest ocean, the reality of it is, why toss it away when you can sell it? When you sell break up jewelry, not only is selling it a great way to have a new beginning, but you can make extra cash as well.

Before you sell jewelry in Boca Raton, it is important to make sure the jewelry belongs to you. For example, if your engagement ring belonged to your ex-fiancees great-grandmother, giving it back would be the right thing to do. However, if the engagement ring was bought specifically for you, it belongs to you and you are entitled to do with it however you see fit (with certain exceptions).


When you decide to sell break up jewelry, it is best to gather all items, regardless of how sentimental the earrings may seem, selling everything will feel like a cleansing. Although selling all of your jewelry from your ex is a great way to start fresh, it is important to do a little research on the pieces. In order to get a fair amount for the items you should find out the estimated value of each piece. You can find out the value through a variety of different ways, such as going to the jewelry store where the items were originally purchased, search online auctions for comparable pieces or you could simply estimate the value.

If you have any doubt about whether the jewelry belongs to you, it is best to wait a period of time after the break up to make sure your ex doesn’t have any intentions of taking you to court to get the jewelry back –  and to make sure that if the jewelry was bought on credit that it is paid off.

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