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Top 5 Weird Jewelry Pieces

Top 5 Weird Jewelry Pieces

For any fashionista looking to add some unnerving and uniquely designed accessories into their attire should look at these bizarre jewelry pieces. Anyone looking to connect with their sinister side will appreciate the eyeball shaped jewelry, nude baby doll figurine jewelry, and more.

Miyu Decay’s Bat Skeleton Necklace is Eerie and Charming

Befit for the daring or the dainty, this delicate sterling silver bat skeleton necklace is a great accessory. This is a work of art as much as it is a necklace. The size of an actual fruit bat, the design is intricate and elegant, as well as creepy.

Little Lucia Jewelry Incorporates Tiny Plastic Toys

If you want to add a bizarre twist to your outfits, try this choker style necklace. Tiny bare baby dolls, plastic bunnies, small toy ponies, and more make up this children’s’ play-thing necklace. Gold and silver chains and pearls are also part of these necklaces, so they’re as chic as they are unique.

The Zombie Ear Necklace

The fourth season of The Walking Dead starts in October, and this necklace is the best way to prepare for its release. Daryl wore it in the second season and not it has made its way to jewelry stores. These are the ears of the zombies Daryl kills as he fights his inner demons.

Plastic Body Series with Limbs

Take Barbie limbs, add them to a necklace, and you now have the best, eerie way to hold onto your obsession with the dolls. Sterling silver is combined with the Barbie body parts to make a necklace that stands out.

New Reid Peppard Roadkill Fashion

From clutches to cufflinks, Peppard’s work includes Rat Coin Purse and a Squirrel Tail Bracelet. The English taxidermist uses everything one can find on the streets of London to design the inventive jewelry pieces.


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