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Cheap & Chic Honey and Bloom Gold Bits

Great pieces of jewelry do not have to cost a fortune. Though pricier pieces tend to have the prestige of expense and the name brand behind them, even cheap pieces can be incredibly chic and fantastic with any outfit. Honey and Bloom Gold Bits is a fantastic brand that brings the chic trends of the runway to the every day buyer without taking every hard earned cent they have to pay for it. With tons of great options, a wide selection of pieces, and a great customer service, this little brand is quickly growing.

With pieces like gold chains, gold chains with charms, bracelets, some rings, earrings, and more, this brand allows users to find items quickly and for reasonable prices. Everyone wants gold jewelry but with the skyrocketing price of jewelry, pieces are now three or four times more expensive than they would have otherwise been before the prices began to rise. Honey and bloom has pieces that range from $12 to $70 and they offer a wide array of goods. On top of jewelry, the brad also offers tote bags, art work, and more to create a comprehensive shopping experience for anyone looking to get a great deal on some marvelous pieces.

The brand offers a ton of items but as their name suggests, their gold jewelry is perhaps the best deal. Their pieces are gold plated to offer a great finish and look without the expense of solid gold. This is part of what makes these pieces so affordable to just about anyone shopping the store. The necklaces are cute and catchy and feature words like “California” as well as fun shapes like stars and hearts. This is a truly spectacular brand for anyone looking for great pieces that have not only stupendous prices, but also character that will be well worth talking about.

Users can find the brand on Etsy where they have their own store. Inventory is updated regularly to offer users a wider selection of goods and items. The artwork that is featured on the site is just as exciting and eclectic as the jewelry and is sure to offer instant jazz and appeal to any home or other space where it is featured. These pieces are handcrafted, colorful, fun, and eye catching and perfect for any space where they may be hung.

These pieces are all hand crafted from the highest quality goods to insure that users are getting a product that is not only reasonably priced, but that will also last for years to come and add warmth and character to their space. Shop owner Becky Hui Chan is sure to keep up on the latest trends when it comes to interior design, jewelry, and more to insure that customers are only getting the best products every time they shop. Etsy offers an easy to user interface for users of all ages and computer mastery levels. The shop also features a great customer service option so buyers can contact the shop to learn more about any of the pieces they are buying or considering purchasing prior to completing the transaction.

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