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Most expensive watch brands & sports cars

Most expensive watch brands & sports cars

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When it comes to luxury lifestyle there are two things that always set the standard: the most expensive watch brands and sports cars. The two seem to go together seamlessly no matter what. The pure power, speed and precision that you find perfectly packaged into each one is inimitable. Whether it is an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and Lamborghini combo or a Piaget and a Porsche, Swiss watches brands go perfectly with luxury sports cars. Your Rolex and Roadster pairing is the symbol of luxury lifestyle living. 

rose gold audemars piguet royal oak offshore watch on lamborghini dashboard

Nothing is more iconic then than the two super charged symbols together. Then you have the top tier combinations of personalised sports cars and matching turbo charged watches. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee our refined clientele know all about this dynamic duo pairing. We often see the most expensive watch brands and sports cars pairings hit up our showrooms. While our Diamonds and Donuts car show is only once a month, every day at our stores is a parade of sports cars. Many of these you know the owner also has a Swiss watches brand to match his luxury lifestyle. 

This week we are featuring some of the finest matches that there are. First up is a Piaget and Porsche combo. Black on black this is not your classic only match up though. While the style tends more to classic than say a lime green Lamborghini (also going to show up here) there is a twist. This Piaget is a truly unique time piece. We even feature some extra luxury lifestyle accessory pairing with an iced out Cartier bracelet combo. Then we have got a rose gold AP Royal Oak and black Rolex Oyster steel. As well as a unique rubber clad Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. So let’s get to it. 

Piaget and Porsche

One of the most iconic sports cars in the world is undoubtedly the Porsche. A dominant force on the road it is the timeless sleek super drive vehicle. Fast, fearsome and made in Italy it has what one wants in a sports car. Both the speed and the beauty. It is a beast of an engine inside of a gorgeous sleek and smooth contoured machine. A car that is not just to drive and see but also to be seen. What Swiss watches brands go well with a Porsche? First things first a classic. The Porsche sports car is not your modern machine. It is an iconic and well known staple of the luxurious lifestyle. Therefore it should be matched up with a brand of similar history. Like the Piaget watch brand – why not? 

Now there has got to be a twist though. With us at Diamonds by Raymond Lee you know the first thing to do is ice it out. So of course we got a fully iced out Piaget Emperador 18 carat white gold diamond watch to match up with this Porsche. It has a traditional black leather strap so as not to stray too far way from the classic looks like the Porsche. However there needs to be a bit of something else. Well the Porsche is all about the engine inside too. When you hear that engine roar you know it is a prime Italian sports car. The Piaget does not get left behind though. In this race for speed and time the Piaget has got an incredible engine of its own. Unlike the Porsche though you can’t really open up its hood. So how about a touch of skeleton with an exposed tourbillon.

piaget held in front of porsche part of most expensive watch brands and sportscars

Piaget G0A33078 Emperador 18k White Gold Diamond On Leather Strap Watch

So here we go the Piaget to match the Porsche. This stunning watch has a diamond bezel to match the diamond case for a fully iced out look like we said. Then there is the Mother of pearl dial with approximately 1.6 carats of diamonds with exposed tourbillon. That is the swiss watches brand engine exposed for an additional touch of rawness. All in all there are 6.50 carats of round brilliant and baguette shape diamonds on this bad ass piece of machinery. On the front and the back the exposed tourbillon and diamonds just ooze luxury. For when you are driving a Porsche around and want to make sure your match up is perfect.

Pairing luxury watches and fine jewelry accessories

What is next on our most expensive watch brands and sports car list? Well before jumping into another fine luxury brand and super car matchup we thought we would dress up the Porsche and Piaget combo. There is no such thing as too many diamonds and so we have brought in another iced out diamond fine jewelry piece to go along with the Piaget. Sticking with the classics Swiss watches brands we went with an iconic Cartier bracelet. This diamond Cartier bracelet features the Juste Un Clou Cartier design. The diamond nail is the perfect pairing for an all iced out classic Piaget and Porsche. 

piaget watch and cartier jus un clou nail bracelet diamond

Iced out Cartier diamond bracelet

An icon of the Cartier bracelet collections the Cartier Juste Un Clou Nail bracelet is one that is instantly recognizable. Completely covered in diamonds this one is the only match for the Piaget really. 

We have a wide collection of Cartier bracelets that can be mixed and matched with this Piaget and Porsche combo though. What diamond jewelry would you pair with your luxury watch and super car combo? 

Lamborghini and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

Away from the classics now to the modern makers. These are the ones making a huge splash in the waters. Not afraid to make an entrance this watch and sports car combo take it to the next level. From the most expensive watch brands and sports car we bring you an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and Lamborghini combo

Nothing is quite like the sharp lines and sexy outline of a Lamborghini car. Made for speed, sound and a stunning scene the Lambo is not here to take it easy. A splashy and glamorous sports car it has an aggressive edge and undeniable presence. A luxury sports car that can hit speed of 200 miles an hour (we are definitely not recommending anyone try this –– particularly off a track. Let’s leave it to the professionals shall we?) These are super cars that instantly grab your eye. They are commanding and incredibly magnificent. What luxury watch could we match up with it then? It needs to be a watch that has that same level of prowess, strength and in your face style. So Audemars Piguet then. 

An undeniably powerfully designed watch it has all of the sharp edges and hard core design liberties that break the mold. Much like a Lamborghini. Take for example a super unique rose gold rubber clad chronograph Royal Oak Offshore watch. With its eight exposed accent screws on the octagonal bezel it is simply stunning. Up alongside a rocking Lambo it is a pairing like no other.

rose gold audemars piguet royal oak offshore watch on lamborghini steering wheel

Rubber clad rose gold Chronograph Royal Oak Offshore

This rose gold piece has three sub dials on the iconic Tappisserie dial in a matching rose gold material. That way you can keep track of the seconds as your Lambo takes off 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds. Without a single miss. Truly luxurious with a matching AP watch bracelet each link is finely linked to the next with no big gaps. Just like a Lambo every square centimeter is considered and hand crafted for perfection.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Stainless Steel Watch

Then a little more classic and a little less loud than the rose gold we have the AP Royal Oak Offshore in stainless steel. It also has the three sub dials but keeps its flair for the luminescent Arabic numerals and hands. A glow in the dark beauty it features a white Tappisserie dial and the Tachymeter scale surrounding set in a stainless steel ring.

It has a rubber clad bezel in black. This contrasts the eight exposed accent screws and matches the crown and pushers. Much like the watch above the rubber clad features are delicately placed keeping from overtaking the watch’s aesthetics.

audemars piguet royal oak offshore held in front of painting

These incredible watches are just some of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watches in our collection. Check out all of the different style and gold type options. Like always we have exclusive iced out diamond on diamond AP watches as well.

You can check out our full collection of Swiss watches brands if you are interested.

Rolex and Lambo

No watch is more of a classic and iconic sports staple than a Rolex watch. These are the crowned kings of watches and have all of the power packed for a sports event. From their use in automobile racing competitions like the Daytona 24 to tennis at Wimbledon to their forays below the sea Rolex is an active man’s must have watch. Beyond that the iconic look of the King is a staple in any real collection. So it is of course that we have to include a Rolex into our most expensive watch brands and sports cars list. Although not the most expensive by far a Rolex can be tuned up to much higher prices depending on the additions and whether it is a limited or special edition. However, either way a Rolex is still a well loved member of the luxury lifestyle even if considered a staple. 

rolex watch worn in front of lamborghini

A watch to be worn every day and every which way it can take you from the track to the sea. So we thought we would double up the Lambo’s match with an additional watch. Beyond the magnificent AP Royal Oak Offshore watches it can also go with a classic Rolex Deeps Sea Dweller. 

Rolex 116660 Deepsea Sea-Dweller Black Dial Black Ceramic Bezel Stainless Steel Watch

The black dial and bezel on this ceramic Rolex Oyster stainless steel watch makes is easy to match. Even if your car is a lime green Lamborghini. It does not steal the show and yet has a strong masculine presence. With a massive 44 millimeter case diameter this watch can keep up with the Lambo’s flashy entrance. As well as ticking to speed.

Swiss watches brands at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

There you have it another stunning pairing of some of the world’s most expensive watch brands and sports cars. The two iconic symbols of the luxury lifestyle together. Same levels of power and prowess. Each packaged into a sexy sleek design. With these super watches you can keep track of every second you shave off the speed of those sports cars. Made for the ultimate glamorous ride these most expensive watch brands go perfectly with their sports cars. Leading the way in their respective industries it is no surprise that you will find fine watches like Piaget on the wrists of Porsche drivers. Or as we have seen Audemars Piguet Royal Oak unique designs beings rocked out in Lamborghinis. For the unique and the elite there is no match for these Swiss watches brands. Nor are there super sports cars quite as nice. Seriously, we here know all about that. 

fine jewelry diamond Cartier bracelet and piaget watch

From our family to yours it is a privilege to serve and to continue serving our refined South Florida community. The sports car lovers and fine watch aficionados. You will find them here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Where for the last three decades we have thrived on bringing together the finest luxury lifestyle pieces. We look forward to continue doing so for the next three decades to come as well. Always offering you superior service, the finest quality and the best prices. For passionate people who know what they are talking about check out our showrooms in two conveniently located showrooms in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Let us know what you think about these most expensive watch brands and sport car matchups. What combo would you set up?

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