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I Don't: Plated Wedding Dinner

I Don't: Plated Wedding Dinner

Don’t get us wrong – we’re all for a wonderful multi-course meal! Especially one carefully selected by you and your groom and generously served to your guests by your beautiful venue or caterer. We just don’t think they’re the only option.

Weddings today are less formulaic and more about reflecting a couple’s personal style. Are you and your groom foodies? Would you prefer an onslaught of mouthwatering tapas, rather than a formal sit down dinner? Then there’s no rule that states you can’t go that route!

Serving a heavy appetizer or cocktail style meal at your reception might be more your speed if you’re planning on a later evening ceremony and reception. It also may be more conducive to the serious dance party you’re hoping your guests will enjoy, courtesy of the perfect band or DJ you’ve selected. Tapas, hors d’oeuvres, or passed appetizers are a great way to incorporate a modern twist on your favorite dishes, or serve smaller portions of your favorite foods that you might not be able to swing in the entire meal format. Sushi, pork belly, scallops and other delectable amuse bouches will delight your guests.

Not wanting to constrain yourself to a certain style of food is another great reason to eschew the plated meal. Torn between your love for Mexican and Italian? Stations become your best friend with fajitas and a pasta bar available around the room. Let your guests choose between mouthwatering carved turkey breast or freshly prepared sliders. Meanwhile, you pay a smaller price per guest, and a one time attendant or chef’s fee per station, saving you room in your budget.

If budget is no issue, but you’d hate to ask your guests to choose chicken or fish – a buffet allows them the option to sample both. In addition to many of your favorite dishes and any of the amazing foods your venue or caterer may specialize in – it’s simply a great opportunity to let the vendors you worked so hard to find do their thing – and you’ll reap the benefits of compliments on your food for years to come after your wedding!


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