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Hot New Wedding Trend – Brooch Bouquets

Hot New Wedding Trend – Brooch Bouquets

Women in the Wedding World are always looking for a chic, new trend or something to really take their wedding ceremony to the next level. Outdo your friends—it’s part of the fun! A hot, new trend hitting the wedding circuit today is brooch bouquets. While they encompass the essence of a traditional flower bouquet, they’re traditionally mono-colored and made of—you guessed it—brooches! Brooches of silver, pearls, and intricate beading, that is. These amazing creations are keepsakes that will truly last the bride a lifetime.

According to online sources, the original Brooch Bouquet was designed in 2000 by Professional Floral Designer Amanda Heer. Her biggest highlight is that the bouquet was unique, intricate, and it’s still in perfect condition today. This bride actually used family heirlooms and antique jewelry to design her brooch bouquet, but they can be made with thrift-store brooches or pricey, precious-metal and stone brooches, as well!

Brooch Bouquets have come a long way since the original days, too. Today, brides carry incredibly colorful or color-themed Brooch Bouquets and even hybrid bouquets of some flowers mixed with the intricacy and beauty of Brooches.

While these shouldn’t be tossed into the crowd for a bouquet toss at the wedding, they’re perfect wedding keepsake items that can be forever displayed. The designs are breathtaking and guests will be impressed at the difference this small detail makes!


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