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Hulk Rolex 116610LV Submariner Stainless Steel Watch Review

Hulk Rolex 116610LV Submariner Stainless Steel Watch Review

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The Hulk Rolex Submariner is a special edition Submariner watch. The 116610LV date window Rolex has a ceramic bezel that gives this unique edition its Hulk nickname. Monochromatic always a gorgeous theme for the stainless steel Rolex men’s watches this one also features a green dial. Together with the large size of the case this watch is truly a hulk. The green Rolexes have always been in a class of their very own as they generally were released as commemoratory anniversary pieces for the brand. Always causing a stir when they are released special editions like this green 116610LV are coveted Rolexes. Rarer and with unique functions these are the watches that are truly exclusive. For collectors and aficionados alike Rolex editions like the Hulk are highly sought after. This particular watch has a strong popularity and so has continued to be produced but could be discontinued at any time.

It is part of why special and commemoratory editions are so popular too. You never know when the availability of the piece will be curtailed. The Submariner has always been a well loved Oyster steel watch from Rolex. The classic black dial a signature of the collection. However, the Hulk takes those attributes and brands it all over with the green on green Rolex classic color. The unique trademark hue is an iconic signature of the brand and also instantly recognizable that is for sure. A timeless elegant and masculine men’s watch the Submariner with the green touch is a truly versatile time piece. For a classic watch the unique color is a pop of fun as well as an incredibly iconic look too. It steps up the core look of the Submariner for a more modern tweak the color. Distinctive and communicative this watch is a strong style piece.

hulk rolex with rolex card

Hulk Rolex 116610LV Submariner Stainless Steel Watch

There are very few ceramic dial colors when it comes to the Rolex watches. Particularly iconic classics like the Submariner. The usual timeless black dial and matching black bezel are a signature look of the classic watch. However by changing up the color schematics of the monochromatic watch Rolex releases a uniquely different watch. Take for example the predecessor to the green on green 116610LV Hulk. For the 50th Anniversary of the Rolex  Submariner they released a green bezel in ceramic of course with a green dial to celebrate the occasion. This was a first step venture into bringing the brand color into the Submariner’s world. A well known and respected watch the Hulk made more than some waves when it came out. The release of the Hulk, as with all special edition watches that convey something new was both praised and criticized. The rich green took over everyone’s imagination.

Particularly because it was on such an iconic and ever popular watch collection design style the Submariner. Now the specifics of the Hulk are truly something. From the obvious green shades to the large size this Rolex Submariner 116610LV “the Hulk” also has other unique tweaks. The dial is slightly metallic. This offers a glint and glimmer of reflective touches to the dial as you move it under the light. Reminiscent of the standard gold Rolex brand name of the watch dials this metallic look is a fine detail not to be overlooked. As well as the bracelet. This standard of the Rolex house the Oyster steel link bracelet is one of the best in the industry. Extremely comfortable and uniquely made it is perfectly paired with the green and green Hulk watch. The stainless steel is the ideal match for the Hulk watch. Although you can also pair it.

Inside the Hulk 116610LV Rolex Submariner watch

Now when it comes to the inside of the Hulk it is your classic timeless Rolex Submariner watch. First of all the date functionality is made in house. It is the caliber 3135 automatic movement. This is a special patented movement that operates at 4Hz with around about 42 hours of power reserve. These movements are now covered under Rolex’s Superlative Chronometer certification. The CSC is an in house testing process that they use with an additional third party COSC Chronometer certification. Since Made in Geneva needs to be backed up with the facts when it comes to haute horlogerie. It is part of Rolex’s legacy. Always guaranteeing luxury quality and the utmost certainty for their quality. They actually warrant an accuracy of about 2 seconds per day. This is by far superior to even the COSC Chronometer certification which is still considered one of the best in the world.

Further the Superlative Chronometer rating from Rolex is not only superior but is in fact also called the Green Seal. For of course the iconic brand color which is perfect for the green Rolex Hulk. For one of the greatest luxury watches made to date, the Submariner, nothing beats a splash of personality. That is truly what the Hulk watch offers. It is the classic timeless haute horlogerie watch featuring the greatest in class movements and functions. Further enhanced by the unique monochromatic color scheme. It is the type of detail that not only makes the watch pop it also adds to the mystique and incredible view into the wearer’s personality too. It is an eye catching and unique Rolex. Not your average black on black tuxedo style 007 watch. The Hulk does not after all operate in secret but rather with impressive force and strength, there is the nickname.

hulk rolex on rolex box

Commemoratory green watches

As we said above the commemoratory watches that Rolex releases are highly coveted. Iconic of the brand and a symbol of the luxurious watch maker. These are the watches that stand out from all the others. Further many collectors predict that the price of these stainless steel commemoratory watches will only increase over time. The unique green tone is not one that we see often. Particularly in a monochrome green on green dial and bezel combination. Of course depending on the maintenance and condition of the watch itself.That is what will dictate the price and resale value of a watch. As is always the case with luxury time pieces.

It is timeless. The watch is a celebration. In its own right it brings the force of Rolex. It is undeniable how incredible this edition is. Although not a limited edition it is still special. That is because of its unique look. No matter what other styles there are. The Hulk is one that will always stand out. Not only for its size and nickname but also for its elegant aesthetic. We have reviewed other commemoratory green watches before. For example the Kermit watch. Another green Rolex edition. However, the Hulk Rolex Submariner 116610LV is one of our favorites. Absolutely a collectible it brings together some strong personality with fine features. It is still the groundbreaking diving watch. Simply it also features a new touch, a splash of color and a turn of personality. 

The dial features

Much like the original Submariner the Hulk has an incredible dial. Part of the iconic Rolex Submariner look it has luminescent markers. Further regardless of what watch a Rolex with a rotating bezel is instantly recognizable. This is no different for the Submariner. The combination of these deep sea features are tied together with the iconic cyclops. This augmentation lense above the date window is a signature Rolex detail. It is responsible for identity and readability. Not only useful it furthers the Submariner’s aesthetic. Since the watch is a design so well known and loved just the color was really tweaked on this watch. A stark contrast to the classic black. Although it has its own mysteries in the deep green. Still a diving watch the Hulk can be considered more of a sportive dress watch. That is because of its special commemorative edition history. As well as higher valuation.

Every part of this watch was made specifically for absolute peak performance in the darkest and deepest depths of our planet’s oceans.  Made to emphasize precision and accuracy this watch’s movements are unparalleled. So whether you are out at sea or not the green tone will still help you navigate the depths. If you really want to compare it this watch is the more playful take on saving the world. From the black Submariner’s 007 look. This watch is the Hulk.  

hulk rolex held

Oyster steel case and bracelet

The entire watch is in Oyster steel which polished is bright and has a gorgeous shine. As we know and have discussed at length in a series of our other blog posts the Oyster steel is an incredible material. Crafted from the world’s finest 940L steel the material is managed at Rolex’s own foundry. Always in control of their quality they meld the fine metals themselves. This means that they have complete control. Absolute oversight and the opportunity to truly maintain the quality that they assure. Like all of the Rolex Submariner watches the Hulk is also depth proof. It is still a sub – marine watch that can take you to the deepest depths. The Hulk is known for strength and robustness. Well that is exactly what this Submariner celebration denotes. It is a commemoration of the strong abilities of the Submariner. It is the cutting edge of technology.

Affectionately nicknamed after the Marvel Comics super hero it is a watch that catches the eye. That is to say the large size of the watch is undeniable. It is as eye catching as it is robust. Although the case and bracelet are so finely made that the watch sits comfortably on your wrist. It is a fine watch that fits ergonomically. it is easy to wear. As well as the bracelet. It is comfortable for long term wear. Even if you find yourself several meters below the sea. Further there is the option to adjust the bracelet. This is another of Rolex’s incredible features. You can actually set the bracelet to be slightly longer to accommodate your wrist. It does not require tools. It is a quick and easy adjustment. All done right there in the moment. 

Where to buy a Hulk Rolex Submariner 116610LV stainless steel watch? At Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida

Buying a watch is a special moment. Generally one that is reserved for celebrations and commemoratory moments. That is why they are prized and collected. Passed down and appreciated. A true fine watch is a piece of history as well as a cherished memory. If you are looking to buy a fine watch like the Hulk Rolex Submariner 116610LV then look no further. Come to Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida. Our family has been serving the South Florida community for the last three decades. Furthermore, we intend on continuing to bring exquisite time pieces and jewelry for our clients for the next three as well. Knowledge and a commitment to superior service and quality has been passed down from one generation to another in our family.

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