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Do You have E-Ring Information Overload?

Do You have E-Ring Information Overload?

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Well, do you? If you’ve searched “engagement rings Boca Raton” so often your Google predictions complete the phrase before you start typing, you may have it. If you can recite the FIVE C’s of diamond shopping from memory, with detailed explanations, you may have it. If your secret Pinterest boards are categorized by diamond shape and setting style, you may have it. And if you’ve been researching, shopping for, or designing your (or her) dream engagement ring for over a year…you may have engagement ring information overload.

So, what is it? How is it diagnosed? What’s the cause? Engagement ring information overload is a common and understandable affliction, easily diagnosed by its symptoms:

  • overshopping
  • fear of commitment (to the ring, not the person)
  • lack of putting a ring on it

The only known cure is just picking one and sticking with it already, but treatment to arrive at that point can be difficult. This is also an affliction that disproportionately affects Millennials, customers born between 1980-1990. For full disclosure, the writer of this blog post is decidedly Millennial, so you’ll find none of this nonsense here. Let’s address each symptom individually to break down the cause.

Overshopping – Millennials are the first generation to have All of The Information at our fingertips. Since our very first AOL CD arrived in the mail, our quest for information has only grown easier. Very rarely is there a moment when we have a question we can’t answer (and those moments are usually those where we find ourselves with a dead phone and no access to an outlet.) So when it comes to buying an engagement ring, the shopping starts early, and it starts with research. We want to be sure we’re well-educated, to the point of obsession. This leads to reading everything there is to know about engagement rings in diamonds, creating your own crash course in gemology, and taking at least 3 Buzzfeed quizzes before you’re even ready to start browsing. And once you do start shopping, you’re probably eyeing upwards of a dozen different jewelry websites, often with hundreds of rings to choose from. This is before you ever set foot in your first jewelry showroom (or second, third and fourth.) It’s possible to overload your senses, and just like it’s possible to overstudy for a test, it’s entirely possible to over-think and overcomplicate what should be an overall exciting shopping experience.

Fear of commitment – You’re looking at gorgeous engagement rings online, on social networks on your phone, and in-person. It seems like each venue has more beautiful diamonds than the last, and you never know what’s going to pop up on your Instagram feed tomorrow. How do you know you’re really in love with that one ring you think is the one? It’s like FOMO but with jewelry, and a major financial investment to boot.

Lack of Putting a Ring on it – pretty self explanatory. You want to propose, but are overwhelmed by the process. Or he’s already asked you, and you just can’t find a rock to match your excitement about walking down the aisle. Either way, you want to be engaged, and you’re still not. And the only thing standing in your way is the ring!

So, how to treat? Well, step one is finding a jeweler you trust. We still recommend you do your research, but really you only need 1-2 good sources of information. You’ll find that anyone with the customer’s best interest even remotely in mind is pretty much saying the same thing. You can check out our 4 C’s series, and look at sites like Forbes, maybe GQ, for another opinion.

Once you find a jeweler you trust, shop there first, then visit 1-2 other stores. Unless you are looking for a very specific manufacturer and style and NO ONE has it, this should be fine. If that exception to the rule is your case, ask your local authorized dealer of that brand to order the specific model you’d like to see in person. If this still isn’t cutting it, going custom might be an excellent choice for you.

This will help with fear of commitment. If you love a ring, don’t second guess yourself! You know your partner, you know their tastes and likes and dislikes, and we’re 99% sure you will choose their dream ring (if not, that’s what our 30 day money back return policy is for!) If you’re shopping together as a couple, it makes things more complicated – we see more and more that it’s the proposee-half of the couple who’s hesitant to commit to The Ring. It makes sense. Rather than being presented with one option, by the one you love, you’re looking at several beautiful choices. Our suggestion is just like wedding dress shopping – once you find one you love stop looking. There will always be other beautiful rings out there, but they won’t be yours! And, for those with major commitment-phobia, just know that if your tastes change in 10, 5 two years you can always trade in your ring or re-mount your diamond.

We get it, buying an engagement ring is a big deal, financially and emotionally. But we’re here to walk you through it, every step of the way (no matter how long it takes.) We just want to make your life easier, and reduce the stress of feeling like you need to shop the entire tri-county area/internet/history of diamond jewelry. Take as much time for this process as you need to, but if you recognize the symptoms of engagement ring information overload in yourself or a loved one, give us a call.


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