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Diamonds: The History Behind April’s Birthstone

Diamonds: The History Behind April’s Birthstone

Born in April? You’re going to love this.

The birthstone of April

If your birthday is in the month of April you get one of the most precious stones known to man for your birthstone. The birthstone for April is a diamond. Diamond jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give a loved one for their birthday.

Today we’re talking about this beautiful birthstone, the history behind it, and we’re showing off some of our favorite gifts.

The history behind the birthstone

You may or may not know this but diamonds are billions of years old. Some evidence shows that diamonds were around as early as the fourth century when they were being traded and collected in India.

During the first century AD, history tells us that Roman naturalist Pliny was once quoted saying, “The diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones but of all things in this world.” And during the Middle Ages, these same diamonds were thought to have healing properties.

Though our precious diamonds are the traditional birthstone of April, they are also known as the love stone. One of the reasons for this is that the Ancient Romans believed that Cupid’s arrows were made with diamonds. It was believed that diamonds enhanced the longevity and honesty of relationships and love.

Some ancient cultures believed that the diamond gave their people strength, agility, and courage during battle. It was known that some kings would wear diamonds on their armor as they went into battle.

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Diamond gifts for April babies

No matter what you choose, you simply can’t go wrong with a gift of diamond jewelry. There’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a necklace, a ring, earrings, or a pendant. Below are a few of our favorite diamond gift sets for any April baby.

Diamond necklace

Shop this necklace

Diamond ear clips

Shop these diamond ear clips

Diamond love ring

Shop this ring

Looking for something a bit different? Shop more of April’s birthstone here.

Shopping April’s birthstone at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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