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Why buy a pre owned diamond watch ft. Rolex watches

Why buy a pre owned diamond watch ft. Rolex watches

When it comes to buying a luxury item, particularly if you are looking to buy a pre owned item there are a few things to consider. First if you are not considering a pre owned watch there are actually quite a few benefits that you should be looking at. The most prominent being that pre owned diamond watches offer the option of buying certain special or limited edition time pieces that are not frequently on the market. Further you can get a great price, particularly for aftermarket diamond watches. If that is not enough there is also the option to upgrade your current watch for something a little bit more exciting when you consider a pre owned one too. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have an incredible collection of pre owned diamond watches. This includes Rolex watches, gold watches for men, ladies watches such as gold watches for women. 

pre owned diamond watches worn with diamond bracelet

We have an overview of the process of buying a pre owned diamond watch. As well as a feature on some beautiful watches for sale. This includes classic icons with just a touch of diamonds added. As well as full diamond bezel time pieces. Although not included in this week’s feature we do also have fully iced out diamond decked time pieces too. These are coated in diamonds from the dial to the lugs. Featuring Rolex watches this week we stuck closer to the more traditional and less flashy approach. Gold watches for women and men’s gold watches from the world renowned brand feature diamond stones. You can get a great price on a pre owned diamond watch. It is just all about knowing where to buy and what to expect. With over thirty years in the watch business and extensive expertise we are here to help you find yours. 

Buying pre owned diamond watches

The first step in buying a pre owned diamond watch is to look for a place that you can trust. Since diamonds are so rare and valuable there is quite a bit at stake. It is almost impossible to tell by the naked eye what the true quality of a diamond is too. So you want to be sure you are making your pre owned diamond watch purchases from someone you trust. Our experts sit with you and help guide your understanding. That way you can feel confident in your knowledge and your purchase. Further with over thirty years of experience and doing business in sunny South Florida we are well known here in Boca Raton. The most exciting place to shop for diamonds our specialty also steers towards pre owned diamond watches.

Rolex watches for sale

With an extensive network of buyers and sellers we have the liquidity necessary to make these deals happen. So if you are in the market for a pre owned diamond watch come and talk to us. Whether you are busy searching for an iconic and beautiful piece or wanting to sell your own. We are here to help you find the one. It is important that if you are purchasing you consider how the diamonds might affect the value of the time piece. Our experts can schedule discreet and private meetings with you to discuss these details in depth. Even if it is only a handful of diamonds on the watch. Would you not want to know more? A diamond bezel or even just a smattering of stones at the hour markers can make a big difference. So getting first hand expert knowledge is always a good idea. 

Where to buy a pre owned Rolex watch?

Finally at our full service stores we have an in house workshop. This means that you can not only add diamonds to your own watch you can also rely on our state of the art equipment. When it comes to diamonds again it is almost impossible to tell with the naked eye what the quality really is. That is why we have lasers, testers and machines to ensure that all of the precious stones in our pre owned diamond watches are top of the line. After all there is nothing quite like shopping with peace of mind. 

Rolex watches are some of our most popular and prominent additions to our collection. These are iconic and renowned watches. Arguably one of the most well known brands in the world. The place to get a genuine and maintained Rolex watch like men’s gold watches and ladies watches is right here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. With a reputation for the care that we take of our customers and their watches you will know you are in good hands. We are ready to welcome you in and talk to you about some pre owned Rolex watches that you will love.

For the aficionado or first time buyer we have watches in a wide range of prices. Both pre owned diamond watches as well as the classic looks too. It is all about what you are looking for. Chat to us and we will help guide the way for you.

Gold watches for women

ladies gold watch worn with diamond bracelet and rings

Women’s styles tend to change far more rapidly than men’s. This is true in the luxury accessories business as it is in the general fashion world. However some of the icons of luxury stay the same. No matter the trend or the fad or the latest do. When its luxury icons we are talking about the styles live through these periods. In fact they go so far as to dominate across decades and decades. Take for example the Rolex Datejust or Day Date watches. These spectacular icons of horlogerie and fine design are always popular. A classic that can be tweaked to your own preference we have gorgeous editions like these with diamonds. 

The slight addition of sparkle and shine really and truly elevates these time pieces. While already a jewelry level item the add on of diamonds makes them that small step further. Truly dazzling pieces there are different styles. The full diamond bezel or hour marker diamonds only. Both of these two styles are subtle enough to wear on a daily basis no matter the occasion. As well as dress them up for a special entrance. The best part of these is that by adding diamonds to a luxury watch like Rolex watches you can elevate not only the value of the piece. But also upgrade the accessories versatility too. 

gold ladies watch worn with two diamond bracelets

A lovely ladies watch gold watches particularly like these Rolex watches featured here are a staple of any jewelry and watch collection. Gold watches for women are much like bracelets. However they are excellent pairs for tennis and diamond bracelets. Not to mention more diamonds on diamonds. You can always pair a diamond studded watch with your jewelry. No matter what the style of it is. The versatility of the time piece allows for lots of different pairings.

Gold watches for men

When it comes to gold watches for men one of the most instantly recognizable and iconic looks has got to be the Rolex watch. A gold Rolex watch is a stunning men’s luxury accessory. Particularly when paired with some – you guessed it – diamonds. A pre owned diamond watch for men can be men’s gold watches. The enigmatic stone, most precious of all, goes incredibly with gold. Or really any other precious metal for that matter. These are the small sparkles that dazzle and sparkle.

How to sell pre owned luxury watches

gold watches for men and women

When it comes to selling your pre owned luxury watch you want to go somewhere that you can trust. There is nothing more reassuring than dealing with someone that can respect your decision and also help provide you with the full information you require in order to decide! At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we focus on you, our customer, every step of the way. We know the secret language of seventeen jewel movements. As well as which luxury brands retain their value in demand in the current market. As well as which ones are best suited to sentimental value personal collections. Our skills are finding you buyers and sellers.

With one of our acquisition team specialists we will guide you in figuring out the valuation of your luxury time piece. A particularly difficult feat when it comes to modified or after market diamond watches. However worry not because we are here to help. With our expertise we aim to empower you with the knowledge you need to make a confident sale. Whether that is looking at some of the comparable watches or gauging the value of the modifications. Our wide network of suppliers and buyers also means we have cash on hand.

Rolex watch worn with jewelry

To upgrade your current watch to another model we offer the opportunity to for trade services. After all once you no longer want to hold onto a luxury watch you may be in the market for a new one. Why not make the process seamless so that you can sell and buy in one go? It is easy for watch lovers eager to find the next big piece to wear in our collection. Our upgrade clientele can benefit from discreet and safe transactions. Finding the perfect fit between your current time piece, your budget and your desired upgrade.  

Diamonds by Raymond Lee

At our two locations in East as well as in West Boca Raton we carry an extensive collection of fine luxury watches. These include pre owned diamond watches from top brands like Rolex and others. Beyond the luxury diamond Rolex watches we have featured here this week we also have a wide assortment of other brands. As well as after market diamond addition watches that go from the subtle hour marker diamonds all the way to the fully iced out editions. Whatever your style and preference is we do have a watch for you. Our experts are ready to help you discover what that is.

A family owned company we have been catering to our refined clientele for the last three decades. Always bringing the best and most unique items down to sunny South Florida. For your collection to stay fresh and ahead of the rest finding unique and bespoke watches is the way to go. It is why we focus so intently on sourcing new watches. All of them from the best brands. However we also focus on limited and special edition collections. As well as those with diamonds, gemstones and precious materials. All the trappings for a unique and incredibly different watch. For the gentlemen and ladies that lead the pack when it comes to the fashion trends and style saviours. 

pre owned diamond watch worn with tennis bracelet and four diamond rings

Having a watch that stands out and catches the eye in the first way to go. No longer held back by the options of classic models. Which to be quite honest we do not find limiting. Mainly because our collection is always rotating! Come and check them out yourself at one of our shops. Where our watch experts and master craftsmen are ready to welcome you and help you find the perfect next piece for your collection. 

East and West Boca Raton, Florida locations

In two convenient locations for your comfort and ease. Our expertly designed showrooms are the perfect place for you to relax and shop around. Come join us and enjoy a local cold craft beer or a glass of our finest champagne while you browse. We can walk you through our collection or have a look on your own. While you are in the shop why not drop one of your Rolex watches off for a tune up? Quick and a great value at $159 we will have your Rolex running like new. 

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