Pre-Owned Watches Boca Raton

Is a Pre-Owned Watch The Right Choice?

Let’s talk about pre-owned watches! At Raymond Lee Jewelers, a huge part of our wonderful collection of luxury items is our watch showcase. Actually, watch showcases. We buy and sell only the best pre-owned watch brands with a constantly revolving selection that has so many of our loyal, watch-loving clients stopping by frequently just to see what’s new.

We love luxury watches and we’re very passionate about respecting the integrity of the horological arts. It’s part of why we’re so vehemently against fake watches. But it’s mostly because we just love the real deal. From Audemars to Zenith, we’ve very rarely met a luxury watch brand we don’t like (and even then, we know that there’s a client out there somewhere who just might love it!)

When we buy a pre-owned watch, we know what we’re looking for. Authenticity, first and foremost, it’s popularity or rarity, depending on the particular brand and model, its working condition and its physical condition – in that order. We’re less concerned with the last criterion because we’ve got an on-site, in-house watch workshop staffed with our own expert watchmakers and fully loaded with every cutting edge tool they want and need. We love to rescue old or neglected watches nearly as much as we love buying a twice-worn new model Yachtmaster II. But what about you, what are you looking for in a pre-owned watch? More importantly, are you even looking for one? Here’s why you should.

Pre-owned watches are a better investment. Like their frequent companions luxury cars, watches decline in value enormously at first, then not much at all for the very best brands. Patek Philippe has made a name (and a timeless ad campaign) for themselves spreading the word that you never really own a Patek – you simply take care of it for the next generation. But when it comes to the top tier of luxury watch brands, that’s true across the board. In fact, some brands and models increase with value over time.

Rolex watches hold their value remarkably well, making them one of the best pre-owned investments. A gently used Rolex is always going to cost less than retail, but it holds its value pretty steadily after that initial drop off. For more entry-level brands and models (think a TAG Carrera or a beautifully cared for Omega), the savings are even greater, with or without their resale value taken into consideration.

Adding to the investment level, a well cared for pre-owned watch saves you money by not being retail, but usually by having a recent overhaul or service at the hands of our watchmakers. And because we love our clients even more than we love our watches, we include a generous warranty with service perks for you and your watch.

So if you’re ready to take the leap into the luxury watch market, we can’t suggest enough that you look to pre-owned first. You’ll save thousands of dollars off retail on a watch you’ll love for years to come.

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